24 year old Dylan Gossett has been making his mark lately. A country singer-songwriter from Texas, he’s recently captured the hearts of people worldwide on Tiktok with his viral hit “Coal” which has achieved a whopping 70+ million views on the platform. You might recognise his raw lyricism and acoustic melodies, but in light of his new EP having just hit streaming platforms, now is the time to brush up on your Gossett knowledge with these things to know.


1. He writes all his own music from his bedroom

Gossett’s music is clearly from the soul. It’s undeniable that the passion and emotion is overflowing in his tracks, and this has been something he emphasises often. Like many successful songwriters, Gossett prides himself on being “able to create a story” for the listener, and visualise the song “like a movie in his head.” This connection to real-life experiences is part of why his music is so adored. 



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2. He has many sources of inspiration

While one of his original inspirations was Ed Sheeran (classic), Dylan considers a wide range of artists to have influenced his work. These include Alan Jackson, the Eagles, Scorpions and Turnpike Troubadours to name a few.



3. His first single exploded on TikTok

Before “Coal” blew up, Gossett ventured into social media posting for the first time in 2023. Sharing a cover of the Lumineers’ “Ophelia” which garnered wide praise, this was followed by the release of “To Be Free.” Newfound fans excitedly interacted, no doubt partially intrigued by the “weed and gasoline” lyric. Amassing over 3 million Spotify streams, the stage was firmly set for “Coal.”



@dylangossettmusic “Coal” – recorded from my backyard. Release date coming soon #fyp #country #acoustic #folk #zachbryan #singersongwriter #original #noahkahan #trending #flatlandcavalry ♬ Coal – dylangossett


4. The EP features a lot of exploration

No Better Time truly captures the breadth of Gossett’s talent in a startlingly concise fashion. From the title track’s use of harmonica entwined with acoustic guitar, to the starkly honest reflections present on ‘Lone Old Cowboy’, Dylan is clearly not afraid to cross the boundaries of genre in his works. Themes on the EP range from making sure your numbered days count to the emptiness of feeling emotionally shattered, and this expanse makes for a powerful listening journey.



5. He’s been touring with some big names recently

Gossett’s also been busy on the road. Supporting Wyatt Flores and Brent Cobb, alongside a performance of the national anthem, these experiences have certainly provided him with some new fans. He’s also got an upcoming tour with Kolby Cooper in November, and will soon make his festival debut at Austin’s legendary SXSW. 




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6. His favorite song to play live is either ‘Coal’ or ‘Flip A Coin’

It makes sense that performing ‘Coal’ is an experience up there for Dylan considering the virality of the song, but he said in a recent interview ‘Flip A Coin’ is also a highlight. Dylan described it as “fun to play” due to its stripped back nature, and it’s one of his favourites to date overall. Written over 2 years, Gossett starts the track with the contemplative, hopeful line ‘let’s flip a coin, heads for north/tails for south.’ ‘Flip A Coin’ is ultimately about the small things that make life exciting, and the mundane activities which these moments can be composed of.


7. His dream collaboration would either be Noah Kahan or Mumford & Sons

With the continually rising star of Noah Kahan, it’s unsurprising that Dylan would like to perform with him, and Mumford & Sons are extremely well known in their own right. With the people he’s started touring with this early in his career, who knows? Maybe we’ll get Dylan x Noah one day!



8. One of his hits was inspired by his wedding day

Gossett got married in early 2023, and his romantic single ‘Beneath Oak Trees’ was inspired by that special day. The pair got married at Inspiring Oaks Ranch in Texas, and a huge oak tree was hanging over the altar. With the most moving lyric undoubtedly being ‘just take my hand and be with me my dear’ there’s no doubt the song serves as a beautiful tribute to the pair’s ongoing love.




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9. Before he pursued music full time, he worked in Formula 1

During college, Dylan took a job in the Operations team of Circuit of the Americas. While it’s very different to what he does now, it can’t be argued that Formula 1 is an interesting secondary passion to have.


10. Dylan started out on Youtube

Gossett currently has over 10K subscribers on the popular video platform. Before he took to Tiktok and blew up, he initiated his online presence there. Based on his success on YT, this is what led to his expansion to other platforms later.


Dylan Gossett’s debut EP No Better Time is out now. Listen below!