They can sing, they can dance, they can act, and they might as well add comedian to their resume with the number of times they’ve made people LOL. From their love of mugs and accidentally tripping over on stage to a certain “twin sister” who is trapped in the basement, it’s never a dull moment being a Demi Lovato stan. Here are ten times they literally made us laugh out loud.


1. When they said their favourite dish was mugs… ☕

You knew it was coming, so we thought we’d just kick off with it. The internet will never let them forget it. And for good reason – easily one of the best Demi moments of all time. Til this day they still say it was intentional and whether it was or not, they’re a champ for being able to laugh at themselves. 😂

2. When they went off-script inviting fans to join their Lovato Club

This video made me sign up straight away (for reals not even joking, I literally gave them my coins ASAP after watching this). This comment on YouTube says it best, “Holy crap three years later and this is still the funniest thing I’ve ever seen”.


3. That time they went undercover as a Lyft driver 🚗

They really never saw that coming huh… not even after “I’ve been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend’s brother” LMFAO. Lowkey recommend watching this whenever you need cheering up – works every time. 


4. Every time they fell over due to their clumsiness

If they’re not known for their singing or their acting, it’s definitely for falling over on stage… A LOT. Might be a good idea to invest in some knee pads 🤷‍♀️

People when Demi falls over: OMG is she okay?!

Lovatics when Demi falls over: That’s our Demi.


5. When things got a little R-Rated on The Ellen Show

Things got a little too hot 🔥🔥🔥 for TV when Demi popped by their mate Ellen’s. Absolutely living for their answer to naming three nicknames for a women’s private parts #Becky


6. When they (and their mom) forgot the names to some of their own songs 

The disrespect to ‘Catch Me’ rn – “the catalog is extensive honey, how could you know them all?!” Oh Demi, we love you more and more every day 🤣


7. “Um, I went to rehab though…” 

Speechless. The clip speaks for itself 😅

8. When they were on the set of Camp Rock 

OG Lovatics where you at?! Nothing like a good blooper, especially when it involves mountains of nostalgia and the JoBros.



We had to… it was a cultural reset. We hope Poot is doing okay. 


10. With their laugh in general

Alexa, please play Demi Lovato’s laugh on repeat. It’s contagious af 🥺 All you wanna do when you hear it is wish you were their BFF. 



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