It has been said that the most nerve-wracking experience one goes through is when they are passed the AUX and they have no idea what to play. The air becomes still, the crowd silent. Everyone is waiting and watching, listening for the first notes of a song to bless their ears before they can give you what you’re craving: a review.

Your mates reacting badly to your pick on the AUX is the modern-day form of banishment, and we won’t allow it. Never again shall you play ‘God’s Plan’ and then pass the AUX to somebody else before your sad indie music starts to play. We’ve done all the hard work for you by creating a playlist for your every situation. So just sit back and press play already. Everyone’s waiting, AUX DJ.


For the sunset evenings

There really is nothing better than sharing a sunset with your mates, except there is and that’s a playlist curated especially for the occasion. This playlist provides chill beats to help you relax with a beer or two over the crackling of a fire or a cheese board. Soft enough to not steal the show, but recognisable enough to sing along to under your breath. We’ll drink to that.


For the house parties

A house party is 100% the time to flex on everybody with your music taste, so we’ve created a playlist that will make even the hippest kids tap their feet. With these current hip hop and pop jams, nobody will be having a bad time at your place and if they are it’s probably because you’ve run out of snacks. Did you not plan for this?


For the road trips

Whether you’re stuck in a car with your rugby team, your parents, or your mates, you need a playlist to suit everyone. Everybody knows there’s no better road trip than the carpool karaoke. This playlist is so packed with bangers your travel comrades won’t even know what hit them and they’ll probably shout you a pie from the petrol station. You’re welcome.


For the pre-drinks

Your job as AUX DJ is to make sure everybody is hyped up before your big night out, so don’t go playing no Lana Del Rey. We’ve pulled some of the biggest house tunes right now and chucked them altogether in one playlist to get everybody grooving. You might as well tell the club DJ to chuck this playlist on too, that’s how good it is.


For when your parents ask you to put something on

We know, there’s really nothing worse. But fear not, this playlist is perfect for both you and your parents. Gone are the days when you had to put on a Phil Collins CD, now you can bask in damn good music from every era. Remember that there was a time before Kendrick Lamar and maybe even flex on your mates a little by knowing all the lyrics to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’


For the midnight drives

The nights we spend driving around town either alone or with company are so memorable, so why not have some perfect music to go along with the moment? Our alternative playlist is filled with a mix of both old and new tracks  that will have everybody watching the night lights blur together. But hey, not the driver! Eyes back on the road, buddy.