Dearest Ronan Keating,

There is truly no love like ours, we know you can feel it too. Ever since you touched down on our shores in 2016 this romance of ours has been blossoming into something wonderful. We’ve shared so many special moments. You’ve complimented all our best assets (“Manuka honey, red wine, and the incredible people”) and you’ve even met our parents.


And how could we forget about the time you serenaded us in 2016? You know us so well. There’s nothing more we love than taking classic Christmas songs and totally Kiwi-fying them. And to team up with some of our best friends? You really won all the brownie points there.


We’ll never forget how nervous we were when you introduced us to your family in 2017. We so badly wanted to make a great first impression, pulling out all the stops of sunsets and great coffee to try and convince you we were the one.


And then you told us your son Jack didn’t want to leave us! That he had given us his blessing and we were truly meant to be. Do you remember what you said? “He’s had the time of his life, he doesn’t want to leave New Zealand. He’s trying to find a way that he can stay, he’s like ‘dad you go home, I’ll stay’.” Those words still make us blush.


You see, Ronan. Nobody loves rugby as much as we do. We have all the same hobbies, this has to be fate.


Then, just to impress us a bit more, you did another ad with our good buddies at The Breeze. You really wanted our friends to like you, huh? Dare we say that Hagley Park has never looked so good…


And what about the time you invited your friends over in April 2019? It was more than just an introduction, wasn’t it? It was a goodbye to the old you. While we love Boyzone, we’d rather just have you all to ourselves and we’re glad you feel the same way. But we have to say, seeing you onstage with your old friends getting all nostalgic really pulled at our heartstrings. We hope we’ll get to see you all together again.


Oh Ronan, this love of ours is so strong. It’s been years of laughter and flirty gazes, but we do have to admit something. This long-distance thing is hard. We hate watching you leave, counting down the days until we’ll get to see you again. We think it’s time to take things to the next step. Ronan … do you want to move in together?

Talk soon? We’ll have a glass of red wine waiting.


Yours always,

New Zealand.


Ronan Keating’s new single ‘One Of A Kind’ featuring Emile Sandé is out now. He’ll celebrate 20 years of solo success with his eleventh studio album Twenty Twenty due May 1.


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