January, February, Quarantine, October. With 2020 flying by quicker than Usain Bolt after a couple red bulls we realised that 2010 was an entire DECADE ago. Yes, it has been ten whole years since we were playing Angry Birds, saving up for the very first iPad, and watching The Situation and Pauly D dodge grenades on Jersey Shore. And if that doesn’t make you feel old yet then we’ve curated the perfect playlist of all those throwback jams you had on your iPod touch. Let’s reminisce on a much simpler time with the songs that turned ten this year…   


Nicki Minaj – Superbass

This song was a cultural reset and one that not only defined the year but truly defined the decade. Knowing all of the lyrics will never not be a major flex. So much so that babies should start learning it in the womb.  


Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Needing no introduction, ‘Bad Romance’ had people singing “Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah, roma-roma-ma, gaga, oo la-la” like it was their first language. Lady Gaga’s album The Fame Monster may have (technically) been released in late 2009 but 2010 was when Mother Monster established herself as the icon she was born to be. 


Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – Baby

The day ‘Baby’ arrived was the day that a steadily spreading condition that had come to be known as “Bieber fever” turned into a full-blown epidemic. And it wasn’t just Justin who became a household name in 2010, having transcended YouTube to become a fully-fledged popstar, by the end of the year, everyone knew what a Belieber was, too. 


Rihanna feat. Drake – What’s My Name?

Ah, the honeymoon phase of Rihanna and Drake and the collab that started it all. ‘What’s My Name?’ set the tone for what would later serve as an analogy of their relationship: playful, sexy and slightly risky. Bonus: their steamy rendezvous in a grocery store’s dairy aisle in the music video is something we revisit frequently.


Katy Perry – California Gurls

‘California Gurls’ was THE song of the summer. “Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock” would have been the perfect Instagram caption for a squad pic if Instagram had of existed in 2010… or if you called your friends your squad back then… nevermind.


Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie

‘Love The Way You Lie’ is a song that should act as a wake-up call to anyone stuck in a dysfunctional and abusive relationship. Rihanna had spent years addressing her turbulent relationship with Chris Brown through her music, but it was this collaboration that became her most provocative statement with it’s heavy subject matter and accompanying video.


Nelly – Just A Dream

Nelly: “If you’ve ever loved somebody put your hands up”

Us: 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


Taylor Swift – Mine

Tbh, any song from Taylor Swift’s third album Speak Now could have made this list. If ‘Mine’ was released during the days of MSN messenger it would have been a struggle to pick which line would have been the perfect screen name. 


Taio Cruz – Dynamite

Nothing sums up this song better than this comment from YouTube: “Bottom line: if you don’t move your hips to this song then you’re made of stone.” There was just something about 2010 that made everybody want to throw their “hands up in the air” (sometimes). 


Robyn – Dancing On My Own

It was voted best song of the decade by Rolling Stone Magazine for a reason. A timeless masterpiece that should be on every single playlist that ever exists, periodt. A religious experience that birthed “sad-pop” as a personality type, and still has thousands of people around the world dancing on their own… together.


Far East Movement – Like A G6

Grab the nearest red cup and let’s get “slizzard” because this banger inadvertently defined a mood and era. It was ALWAYS a contender when anybody grabbed the AUX cord and if you weren’t “fly like a G6” then were you really living? 


Florence + the Machine – Dog Days Are Over

When this song came on during her set at Laneway Festival last year we were automatically transported back to 2010 without a care in the world. And that my friends is the power of music… and the reason for this list. 



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