Leaders, mothers, workaholics, rockstars, matriarchs – gone are the days where women have to choose just one title. And our very own beloved Virginia (Gin) Wigmore is setting a prime example. Gin became a mother twice last year, firstly in April to her fourth studio album and again in September to her first-born son. Both named Ivory, and both dramatically changing her life.

Gin and her husband Jason Aalon Butler, frontman for American rock band Letlive, had always intended on having kids once they had their life set up in Los Angeles, but not quite this soon. Gin’s first child, Ivory Nashoba Butler was born on September 7th, 2017 at 12:43 am at UCLA Medical Centre. Becoming pregnant meant that Gin had to reschedule the release date for her other baby, her Ivory album, as well as her tour that had already been booked in the USA and New Zealand. However, becoming a new mum didn’t hold her back from her work – instead she said goodbye to the “traditional” rollout of an album cycle and explored new and interesting ways to release her music. Her passion to continue making music whilst embracing motherhood has seen her create the collaborative and liberating project adequately titled GIRL GANG. GIRL GANG brought together five different female artists from non-music disciplines to create a piece of their own artwork based on an assigned single from Ivory. The project spanned over eight months, with five new singles dropped monthly. The songs were supported by the five different creations from Gin’s chosen female artists – among them were a highly esteemed tattooist, cartoonist and skateboarder.

This creative process helped build anticipation for the release of Ivory, as well as giving her time to put being a mum at the forefront of her busy schedule – “you’ve gotta think really laterally on how to release music, and it seemed like something that had a longer life than just an album.” The essence of GIRL GANG celebrates women coming together to “fight against a society that so often pits us against each other and tears us down.” Sounds like something every woman needs to be a part of. Wanna join the GIRL GANG? Follow these next few steps to find out how…

Step 1: Support and celebrate all women in any way you can. There is room in this world for everyone and women should not have to be constantly pitted against each other in creative fields or any aspects of their lives – “you can have men in bands that sound somewhat similar, and [people] can see them all as separate bands and you can love all of them – you can be a fan of Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Muse, and it’s all cool. But with female artists, if you had an Adele or an Amy Winehouse or someone else, you’d have to pick your side. You’re team Adele, or you’re team Amy… and I think that’s gross.”

Step 2: Get the support of New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda Ardern. As part of her GIRL GANG series, Gin sat down for a stripped-back chat with the PM – casual right?! They discussed topics such as women having to work harder for success, their pregnancies, motherhood, memorable advice they’ve been given and how to inspire a younger generation that their dreams are possible.


Step 3: Listen to Gin’s new album Ivory (if you haven’t already). Driven by Gin’s soulful raspy lyrics echoing themes of female empowerment and taking down the patriarchy, it’s clear through her storytelling that she is fed up with systemic sexism. The courageous pop-rock album is raw, brutal and full of exceptionally crafted explosive moments. It’s time to not only hear what she is saying but to join in on her crusade.



Step 4: The fourth and final step is to attend Gin’s upcoming New Zealand tour alongside all of your other fellow GIRL GANG members. Gin is making this summer one to remember after not being able to tour her homeland for three years. She is bringing FOUR incredible tour stops across the country – Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and headlining Auckland’s North West Wine, Beer & Food Festival. Snap up your tickets below while you can!

Wellington: 5th February, Opera House
Christchurch: February 6th, Isaac Theatre
Dunedin: February 8th, Regent Theatre
Auckland: February 9th, North West Festival