Mardi Gras is always known to go off with a bang, but last weekend Sam Smith took it to the next level. In recent years, Sam has come into their own and embraced their sexuality as a non-binary member of the LGBTQ+ community. Known for their mesmerising performances, this was Sam’s first time performing at the biggest pride event in Australasia, Mardi Gras Sydney. And boy, did they impress. Keep reading to take a look at the highlights of Sam Smith’s wild weekend at Mardi Gras 2020.


1. Showing their love for Australia

This trip down under has inspired some serious Australian appreciation, with Sam Smith spending lots of time here both for holidays and for work in the past. But it’s the vibrant queer scene there that has secured a special spot in Sam’s heart, revealing they’ve been here for six New Year’s in a row! The love is mutual, with the Aussie hype building for their arrival well in advance of the buzzed about Mardi Gras performance. Check out the most Australian Instagram ever from Sam.

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Mardi Gras ready @fridalasvegas

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2. Appearing in the Mardi Gras parade

Sam Smith surprised fans when they were spotted in the Mardi Gras parade as the crowd of 30,000 made its way down Oxford St. Sam Smith told the press how proud they were to be with Twenty10’s float for the parade, an organisation that supports the LGBTQIA+ youth community. Sam’s presence in the parade was just the start of an amazing weekend.


3. Sam’s fabulous outfits

As Sam Smith continues to find their sense of style without societies gender constraints on them, they has become a certified fashion #queen, and when it comes to shows Sam Smith does not mess around. From an abundance of tulle, feathers, and bold hats to killer heels and thigh-split dresses, Sam Smith’s outfits alone are headline worthy.

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Let’s go Mardi Gras

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4. Specifically, the giant ‘equality’ dress

During their Mardi Gras performance, Sam Smith debuted the most boujee dress during the performance of their hit ‘Promises’. As Sam elevated towards the ceiling on the verse, the dress billowed dramatically across the entirety of stage on the chorus drop to reveal ‘equality’ emblazoned across it. Talk about show stopping.


5. Their epic after party performance in general

 Sam Smith was a headline act (alongside Dua Lipa & Kesha) for the Sydney Mardi Gras  afterparty that celebrated the closing of the festival, and he brought the heat. Sam has been open about what this performance means to them, and time and effort put into it to make it as fabulous as possible. The energy appears to be through the roof as they left behind some of their tear-jerkers and instead belted out their dance appropriate hits like ‘Latch’ and ‘Promises’. All the hard work paid off for a career defining performance.


Since coming out as non-binary via social media late last year, Sam Smith has had the space to grow into the person and artist they have always wanted to be.

“I’ve always been non-binary since I was born, I only just found the words for it. But it definitely changed and it is always difficult when you are asking other people to speak to you in a different way or asking other people to change their language because it becomes their business as well as yours,” they explained.


Mardi Gras is the biggest LGBTQ+ event in Australasia, and Sam Smith’s first time performing at the festival was the perfect opportunity to embrace their sexuality and release their creativity without any boundaries around music or gender. Here’s to Sam Smith and their party starting, show stopping attitude.