After a quick rise to fame in 2008 following the success of ‘I Kissed A Girl’, Katy Perry stole the pop stage in the 2010s with her sassy attitude and vibrant music, a persona that was equally strong in her music videos. Katy Perry’s visual accompaniments to her hits set the standard for the pop world and remain impressive today, whether for their striking visuals or movie worthy plot line. Here we take a trip down memory lane and look at some of Katy Perry’s best music videos.


Hot N Cold (2008) 

Perry’s follow up hit to her ‘I Kissed A Girl’ breakthrough, ‘Hot N Cold’ started to show the world Katy Perry’s awesome sense of humour. This crazy music video starts with the groom to be fleeing the altar, and what ensues is a crazy chase as our fellow Bridezilla hunts down her man with her bridesmaids in tow.

Waking Up In Vegas (2009)

One of Katy Perry’s classic hits from her debut album, ‘Waking Up In Vegas’ is the Sin City experience at its best and worst as Katy Perry and her lover play tourist and hit the big time before things abruptly turn sour. Tune in for Katy’s extravagant outfits, stay for the amusing plot.

California Gurls (2010) 

Full of gingerbread men, cotton candy, and Snoop Dogg, ‘California Gurls’ takes place in ‘Candyfornia’ where everything’s sweet and nothing hurts. This iconic music video glamorises the best aspects of the West Coast as Katy Perry works to release the other Candy Gurls from various candy-related traps set by the head honcho Snoop Dog. Watch to get swept away in Candyfornia’s simple delights, with the iconic cupcake and whipped cream bras making it one of Perry’s most memorable music videos.

Teenage Dream (2010)

Credit goes to Katy Perry in the ‘Teenage Dream’ music video as she stepped away from the glamour and excess of her most popular videos, instead taking it back to basics and having a camera follow her driving through the California Country. Filed with road trips, friends, and plenty of sexual tension, ‘Teenage Dream’ captures those endless Summer days of falling in love for the first time.

Firework (2010)

The music video tastefully translates the uplifting message of this song that made it one of Perry’s biggest hits to date, a visual representation of quite literally lighting the spark inside of you. The music video see its characters move from self-consciousness to self-acceptance as they overcome challenges like illnesses, weight, and sexuality. This touching music video even won the MTV Music Video Award that year for reminding the world we’re perfect as we are.

Last Friday Night (2011)

This video has it all – an epic party, consistent side-splitting laughs, and celebrity guest stars (Rebecca Black & Darren Criss anyone?). This eight-minute clip takes on the classic eighties movie trope, with Katy Perry as the adorable nerd who is trying to study on a Friday night but ends up becoming the life of the party next door, with plenty of other shenanigans along the way to keep you hooked.

Wide Awake (2012)

This moody ballad took the theatre of Katy Perry’s mega-budget music videos and took it to the dark side. A powerful story of some of the challenges she faced in the first leg of her career, Perry was always clear about her dark labyrinth-fairy tale storyline for the ‘Wide Awake’ music video. Both visually and lyrically touching, this video won an MTV Art direction Award.

Roar (2013)

We have to give a shout out to Katy Perry’s most viewed music video, ‘Roar’ that is currently sitting on a casual 3.7 billion YouTube videos thanks to its uplifting message, catchy hook and jungle set music video. It starts out with a timid Katy exploring the jungle with her man, but by the end of the track she’s made it as a thriving solo jungle queen who’s one with the animals. Go Katy!

Birthday (2014)

In this hilarious music video, Perry attends five birthday parties as various party entertainers… and does a terrible job at all of them. The music video then delves into a handheld camera style mockumentary as we follow Katy’s five equally amateur party acts from a drunk clown at a children’s party to an old stripper giving a reluctant 90-year-old a lap dance. ‘Birthday’ is one of Perry’s most underrated music video, with her talent as an actor and comedian taking centre stage.


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