Their name may be numerically incorrect but it’s a name that has stayed relevant in the music industry for years. In fact, they just may be the most popular American band of the 21st century. That’s quite the accolade, but it doesn’t come without a lot of hard work and determination. We take a look at why Maroon 5 are so successful, and how they’ve maintained such dizzying heights of success.


1. Adam Levine

This is a pretty big reason. The frontman has made his own name just as popular as his band’s, all while still actually being in the band. Adam is just as big solo as he is a member of Maroon 5 and all that extra press and marketing does absolute wonders. Adam is no stranger to venturing out and completing his own personal projects, appearing on other artist’s songs, being a judge on The Voice, starring in movies and so on. The list goes on, and it all adds to the reputation and relevancy of Maroon 5. The more Adam does, the more attention Maroon 5 gets. It’s rather genius really and we wonder why other bands split up instead of using this exact tactic. Adam Levine is the best publicist Maroon 5 will ever have.


2. Their Lead Guitarist

James Valentine attended Berklee College of Music with possibly the king of guitar playing, John Mayer, and the two are pretty good friends. James has even played a few solos on some of John’s records. So basically, he’s damn good at guitar. He’s definitely one of the keys to the band’s successful sound as he helps to take it just that step further from plain old pop. In the beginning, having James as a confident guitarist meant that Adam could focus on being the pop frontman that labels wanted him to be, instead of juggling the roles of being a singer and guitarist.


3. Songs About Jane

In terms of debut albums, this one is pretty iconic. For this to be the first glimpse at the Maroon 5 sound is pretty legendary and it’s definitely one of the reasons why the band’s name is still held with so much regard. Although the album was a sleeper hit (something that gradually gains success), it doesn’t change the overall success. Hits from the album are still being played today. Songs About Jane is considered Maroon 5’s best piece of work, and it was just the beginning for them.


4. Their Ever-changing Sound

If there’s one thing Maroon 5 know how to do, it’s make popular music. The band simply stay current by constantly changing their sound to reflect what music sounds like within each era. It’s a skill that not all artists can do and is the reason for most of their downfalls, but Maroon 5 have it in the bag. You may have noticed how none of their albums sound the same, but yet at the same time they all have that distinct Maroon 5 sound. New hits like ‘Wait’ and ‘Girls Like You’ have a different sound to anything from Songs About Jane, but you still recognise both as being Maroon 5 songs.


5. Their Ever-changing Band

It’s impossible to keep track of the members in this band and that’s possibly the point. The ever-changing band helps with the ever-changing sound. With a constant rotation of new talent, the band stays relevant and current with modern music. Currently there are 7 members of Maroon 5 and they each serve a purpose that’s crucial to the Maroon 5 sound and success. When one leaves, they’re quickly replaced. There’s definitely an award-winning system that holds the key to success here.


Sure, the collabs of popular artists help the band top the charts, but there’s a lot to be said about Maroon 5’s musical strategy. Maroon 5 are born hitmakers and over the years that they’ve been around they’ve learnt a thing or two about pop music. To constantly make the charts is a high point for many artists but to stay in the charts for more than 10 years? Well, that’s just impressive.