Famous rockers Maroon 5 have been spitting out hits into the pop circuit for decades, and they show no sign of slowing down. One of the longest-running acts to stay at such a successful peak, the L.A. natives have made a name for themselves as one of the greatest and most genre-defying bands of the 21st century. So, it makes sense then that they’d have a pretty stacked contact list. From Gwen Stefani to A$AP Rocky, here are our top Maroon 5 collabs. 


1. ‘If I Never See Your Face Again ft. Rihanna’ (2008)

Originally included on the band’s 2007 album It Won’t Be Soon Before Long without a feature, the track was re-released about a year later to include Rihanna and it instantly became a hit. Over a sexy, synthesised beat, Adam Levine and Rihanna ooze effortless chemistry that makes it hard to believe there was ever a version without her at all. A perfect mix of pop and R&B, the tune gave both artists their first Grammy nomination and remains a classic fan-favourite. 


2. ‘What Lovers Do ft. SZA’ (2017)

The massive hit comes off the band’s sixth studio album Red Pill Blues and its ridiculously catchy beat has seen it become one of their biggest tracks. Capturing the height of the tropical house movement and SZA’s blooming success, ‘What Lovers Do’ is an excellent example of a musical collaboration. Levine again shows his hand at acing pop melodies and SZA comes in to truly bring the track to life (and earn her first US Top 10). 


3. ‘Cold ft. Future’ (2017)

Another one from the string of hits Red Pill Blues provided, ‘Cold’ is an electro-dance ode to breakups and conflict in relationships. Released right on Valentine’s Day, Future and Levine swap verses about a lover suddenly changing and acting distant around them. But while the song is a huge tune; the music video, which features Levine stumbling through a house party on hallucinogens as he tries to make his way home to his wife, is the best part about the track. 


4. ‘My Heart Is Open ft. Gwen Stefani’ (2014)

In the emotional ballad, Levine teams up with his The Voice co-judge Gwen Stefani and the two really pour their heart out to the world. Showcasing the immense talent from the two, the track is a heartfelt message of surrendering to love and vulnerability. It appears on the band’s fifth studio album V and proves that even one of the biggest pop bands can strip it down and get personal. 


5. ‘Wait ft. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’ (2017)

2017 was certainly a good year for Maroon 5 as they reached out to a multitude of popular and rising artists and offered up smash after smash. Hit single ‘Wait’ ended up high on a number of charts but expanded its audience once A Boogie wit da Hoodie jumped on the remix. Filling in the missing piece that was needed to make the track really pop, the rapper effortlessly fits into the song as if he was always there. 


6. ‘Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera’ (2011)

The behemoth that this track was is truly unmatched. An unlikely pairing, but one that gave us one of the best examples of chemistry we’ve ever seen, ‘Moves Like Jagger’ delivered Levine’s suave pop gooeyness along with Christina Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals. And it worked so well that it went on to top the charts in over 18 countries, was lauded by critics, and joined the list of best-selling singles of all time. Not only is this one of the best collaborations Maroon 5 have done, but it serves as one of the greatest hits in their entire discography. 


7. ‘Help Me Out ft. Julia Michaels’ (2017)

In this simple, moody track, Julia Michaels and Levine show just how natural both their voices sound together as they finally let down their guards and reach out for help. With clear Michaels touches, the song isn’t exactly what we’re used to hearing from Maroon 5, but it works pretty well nonetheless and serves as a great addition to the success that was Red Pills Blue. 


8. ‘Girls Like You ft. Cardi B’ (2018)

When Cardi B jumped on the remix for ‘Girls Like You’, possibly nobody could have predicted how huge the track was going to become. Spending seven weeks at number one in the US, 33 weeks in the top 10 and 36 weeks in the Adult Contemporary chart, the track was the fifth-selling single of 2018 and joins the list of Maroon 5’s greatest tunes of all time. The music video, which features an array of female celebrities, was also praised for its inclusivity, feminism, and social justice movements. 


9. ‘Whiskey ft. A$AP Rocky’ (2017)

The slow-paced, euphoric hit is a favourite amongst fans. A$AP Rocky fits into the song so well that you honestly wouldn’t know if it was Maroon 5’s or his. The two together surprisingly match perfectly, and yet again Levine proves he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. A heartfelt, nostalgic track that beautifully contrasts the bigger hits on the album, this is definitely one of the better collaborations the band have done.  


10. ‘Beautiful Mistakes ft. Megan Thee Stallion’

The latest track from Maroon 5 is a slow trap hit that sees producer credits from blackbear. Showcasing a more mature and tranquil sound from the band, the track plays with the idea of memories lingering on after a breakup and dealing with heartache. Megan Thee Stallion lends her quick quips and manages to exceptionally fit herself into the pop world Maroon 5 is so familiar with, all the while adding an energetic flair that truly makes the tune pop. 


Listen to ‘Beautiful Mistakes ft. Megan Thee Stallion’ out now.