There really is no better recipient of the ‘Absolute Bangers award’ than Lady Gaga. Since her startling debut in 2008, the Mother Monster has been consistent in her goals to take over the pop world. We’ve lived through multiple lifetimes with the star, watching her reinvent herself with each new album and still, without a doubt, come out on top.

In celebration of the release of her new single ‘Stupid Love’ and the announcement of her new album ‘Chromatica’ coming out April 10th, we tally up our 10 favourite Gaga tracks.


1. ‘Shallow’ ft. Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born)

The stunning theme song to the equally as stunning film A Star Is Born is proof that Lady Gaga just has that special touch that turns anything into gold. Arguably, nobody could have brought this song to life better. Standing as one of her most critically acclaimed songs, ‘Shallow’ showcases the raw beauty of Gaga’s voice while still clinging onto her classic edge (the breakdown of the word shallow in the chorus). It’s also officially become the most awarded song of all time, gathering a massive 40 (and counting) awards, including 2 Grammys, 1 Oscar and 1 BAFTA.


2. ‘Poker Face’ (The Fame)

The futuristic glamour and robotic pop elements of ‘Poker Face’ reflect some of the best parts of Gaga’s identity and the fact that we were blessed with that amount of greatness so early on is incredible. There’s so much to love about the 2008 bop, the redefinition of pop, the bisexual lyrics twisted around the metaphor of poker. It’s not hard to see why it’s become one of the best-selling singles of all time.


3. ‘Million Reasons’ (Joanne)

Perfectly representing her new shift in music and identity, ‘Million Reasons’ is a stripped-back, heartbreaking ballad that shows the human behind the popstar. The track showed the range of Gaga’s talents, showcasing her extraordinary voice and her vulnerable songwriting without any trace of the theatrics and pop she was used to. It just might be one of the best songs the star has ever written and the Grammy nomination she received for it would agree.


4. ‘Just Dance’ (The Fame)

Like many historical moments, everybody remembers where they were when they first heard Gaga’s debut. And what a hell of a debut ‘Just Dance’ was. In all her synth-pop glory and that David Bowie lightning bolt on her face, Gaga introduced herself to the world as its new favourite superstar. And we had no choice but to believe her. It also joins its sibling ‘Poker Face’ in becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time.


5. ‘Bad Romance’ (The Fame Monster)

Possibly the most ‘Gaga’ of them all, ‘Bad Romance’ sums up everything great, weird and all-round fascinating about the star. The track is synonymous with the star’s name, standing to be one of the best (and probably most popular) hits she’ll ever make. From the iconic rah’s and ooh-la-la’s to the deep-throated chorus, there will really never be another tune as good. ‘Bad Romance’ has won 2 Grammy awards and well … you get the gist of the whole best-selling of all time thing.


6. ‘Yoü and I’ (Born This Way)

Providing us with a snippet of her country roots to come, ‘Yoü and I’ is, quite simply put, an absolute masterpiece. Experimenting with electric guitars (provided by Queen’s very own Brian May), piano and a sultry-smooth voice, Gaga creates an incredible love ballad that was way ahead of its time. The music video also introduces us to Gaga’s alter-ego, the male Italian Jo Calderone. If it wasn’t clear already, ‘Yoü and I’ proved that Gaga was a superstar on all accounts.


7. ‘Born This Way’ (Born This Way)

Adding the title of an ally to her resume, Gaga dedicated ‘Born This Way’ to the LGBT community and racial minorities everywhere and in turn created one of her most powerful songs. Humming with techno bass and Madonna-inspired 80’s pop elements, Gaga cements her role as being one of the most important players in the game. The star made herself look relatable to outcasts, building an army that would continue to rise her up no matter what.


8. ‘Alejandro’ (The Fame Monster)

The ridiculously catchy hit is definitely one of Gaga’s best experiments in pop. With an ABBA and Europop vibe, ‘Alejandro’ floats in and out of Gaga’s ballads and jerky synths. It’s such a simple but oh-so-memorable tune that stays in your head for years after you’ve heard it, and how powerful is that?


9. ‘Applause’ (ARTPOP)

Poking fun at her love of fame, Gaga whipped up the electric 80’s infused ‘Applause.’ In terms of synths, catchy hooks and the iconic breakdown of words, the track isn’t too different from her previous smashes, but it provides deeper layers that show how Gaga evolves. Plus, the music video just deserves recognition on its own.


10. ‘Marry the Night’ (Born This Way)

Perhaps the most personal song she’s ever written, ‘Marry the Night’ tells us through funk rock and dance themes Gaga’s journey to stardom through her days in New York. The incredible pair of smooth verses and that roaring chorus are what make this song so untouchable. Everything about this track just pulses with life, proving yet again that this is what Gaga does best.


Listen to all of Lady Gaga’s best tracks below!