Shania Twain really is the whole package. She’s beautiful, she’s a feminist icon, and she’s casually the best-selling female country star of all time. Ever since her debut in 1993, Shania has been producing hit after hit. We don’t know if it was pure 90s fever or just her style, but she sure did provide us with some iconic music videos. Let’s analyse her best ones, shall we?


You’re Still The One

Steamy. That’s the one word that sums up this whole video. There’s not a lot going on here, just a wet Shania on the beach singing about her accomplishments with her one true love. Who, in fact, happens to be model John Devoe roaming around in his house shirtless. Until, oh no, we see that Shania is on the TV in this house and she actually isn’t John’s one true love after all. It’s a rather confusing tale and the overly saturated blue tint just gives a whole other meaning to the word moody, but it was Shania’s first video to appear on MTV so that’s pretty impressive. Personally, I think that’s all due to John Devoe’s abs…


That Don’t Impress Me Much

Ah, the iconic leopard print suit. I honestly don’t know whose idea it was to have every single item in the same leopard pattern, but for some reason Shania can pull it off. I do, however, feel genuinely sorry for Brad Pitt listening to this song for the first time, thinking it’s an absolute tune until the biggest diss of all hits him. So, not even prime 90’s Brad Pitt impresses old Shania huh?

Shot in the Mojave Desert, Shania turns down every man offering her rides in multiple forms of transport and continues on in her shockingly matching leopard suit. (Sure, it’s a feminist moment, but come on.)


Man! I Feel Like A Woman

Let’s go girls indeed. The weird Moulin Rouge thing definitely secures the message of Shania being a sex symbol as well as a perfect country pop star. Also, our mate Johnny Devoe is in this one as well! He’s managed to put a shirt on this time, but the abs are still peeking through. The video is a reverse of Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted To Love’ where Shania’s men are mimicking the blank faced women in Palmer’s video. Shania was definitely making a statement with this song and the video, in a way that only she does so well.  


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