Ellie Goulding has been the ultra-cool Brit Pop Star of our dreams since she broke onto the scene ten years ago with her hits ‘Under The Sheets’ and the classic ‘Starry Eyed’. It’s been ten years since the release of her debut album, ‘Lights’, and with a fourth album on the way we look at what she’s been up to in the last year or so.


She shared her nostalgic tune, ‘Sixteen’

Last April, Ellie Goulding got fans going when she shared new music, the electro pop number ‘Sixteen’. “I’m so excited to share ‘Sixteen’ with everyone,” Goulding said of the track in a statement. “That age was such a pivotal year for me in many ways and this song is so close to my heart. It takes me back to the reckless days of being a teenager and I hope it reminds us all about the innocence of youth.”


Teamed up with Juice Wrld on ‘Hate Me’

Ellie Goulding showed she still has her finger on the pulse of pop music when she joined forces with the late rapping sensation Juice WRLD on ‘Hate Me’, a catchy single with clear rap elements and characterised by Goulding’s distinguishable vocals. The music video has raked up nearly 70 million views on YouTube and has become an even more powerful song in the wake of Juice WRLD’s passing.


Married her fiancé, Caspar Joplin

Goulding and her fiancé , Caspar Jopling, tied the knot in York, England in August of last year amongst a “small” guest list of 300. Caspar Joplin is an contemporary art dealer for the prestigious Sotheby’s after he was educated at Eton College and studied Art History at Harvard. The dapper young couple were reportedly introduced by Princess Eugenie of the royal family!


Spoke at the One Young World Summit

Climate change has always been at the forefront of Ellie Goulding’s world, and she has been using her voice for good  since her early days in the public eye. In 2017 she was awarded the Global Leadership Award from the United Nations Foundation for her efforts, and has been a UN Environment Global Ambassador since 2017. In October 2019, she spoke at the One Young World Summit in London, an important global forum for young leaders. She shared, “Climate crisis is the era that we inhabit. It forms the backdrop to our lives, a constant soundtrack which will only get louder”. Go Ellie!


She got candid about her mental health

In recent months, Ellie Goulding has courageously come out and talked about her troublesome experience in the first few years of fame as she struggled with isolation and the overwhelm of fame and crippling anxiety, sharing she ‘didn’t enjoy being thrust in front of the cameras’. One again, Goulding has used her platform to connect with those struggling with these universal issues.

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Sorry this is a little late, but I had to speak about about Mental Health Awareness, for what it’s worth. We all have a right to feel what we do, whatever it is, whoever we are- Exhilaration, madness, absolutely nothing at all, confusion, chronic sadness… (I can sometimes feel all these things in the space of a few days). I am beyond relieved that more light is being shone on the complexity of going from being a touring artist/ performer to going straight back to normality on a regular basis. The constant change of pace is sometimes just too much to bare. Thank you to those artists who have spoken so candidly about it lately. I know I chose this job but nothing could have prepared me for the ups and downs that come with it. I know for sure that a lot of my anxiety has come from what they call “imposter syndrome” not believing in myself enough and thinking that I don’t deserve happiness, which results in wanting to sabotage my own success. I keep my head straight by training every day (running and boxing mainly) and although it is so hard sometimes to be motivated, the feeling of blood pumping through my veins and a human body performing the way it so impressively does reminds me how cool it is to be alive. Today I’m thinking about my grandfather, who took his own life a few years back. I wish I had spoken to him more, and wish we could have had even the smallest clue of how unhappy he was. I admire those who get out of bed every morning and seize the day, even when they’re not feeling too great. That requires a lot of courage. Please know that you are doing amazingly and I’m proud of you. Ellie xx #mentalhealthawareness

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Took out the last UK number one of 2019 with her cover, ‘River’

In alignment with her climate change work, Elie Goulding released a touching cover of  ‘River’, originally by Joni Mitchell, one of Goulding’s musical influences. The song swept the nation, with the creative music video highlighting the issue of plastic pollution through our waters. The song swept the UK and took out the last number one spot of 2019.


Announced a new song with Blackbear

Most recently, Ellie has revealed the artwork for her new track with singer & rapper Blackbear, arriving tomorrow, Friday 13th March! Ellie Goulding is still killing the game with her new music and her fourth album (working title EG4) that’s been ‘completed for a while’, sure to be on the way shortly – and we can’t wait.