Flashback to 2010, the era of peplum skirts, sparkly accessories and an Ellie Goulding hit playing on your carefully crafted playlist. Yes, we’re talking about the mid-2000s, a time that was dominated by questionable fashion trends and an array of dance-pop hits. Those catchy beats paired with strong vocals were the perfect combination to get any group of friends out on the dance floor, and you best believe at least a few of those top tracks were sung by none other than Ellie Goulding. The British-born singer-songwriter is known for her pop anthems that have a catchy electric beat and lyrics that often described the feeling of falling in love.

For 10 years Goulding continuously dominated the charts before taking a short break to understandably focus on her family when she gave birth to her first child in April 2021. Now Goulding is back with her new hit ‘All By Myself’ and we take a look back at her style and music evolution that has led to where she is today.


Starry Eyed (2010)


Goulding’s debut album Lights was released in March 2010 featuring her hit ‘Starry Eyed.’ The album reached No.1 on the UK Albums Chart with the single peaking at No.4. Goulding’s electro-pop style brought a fresh take to the classic pop hits often heard around this time and the upbeat tracks cemented Goulding as the queen of fast-paced pop hits. The tunes quickly became known as the soundtrack to a good time with your friends with fans now referencing her early music as the type of songs you listen to when you want to reminisce on the good old days. Goulding’s iconic metallic-styled look in the music video shows a true representation of the mid-2000s fashion trends and ties in well with the electric feel of her music during that time.


Lights (2010)


Ellie Goulding explores her party girl era in this classic hit called ‘Lights’. The track was classed as a sleeper hit as it reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 after 33 weeks on the charts. The late climb up the charts is unsurprising for the artist as fans often describe her music as timeless which is evident by the use of this track in a popular TikTok trend that is making the rounds in 2022 – 12 years after its release. In response to this trend, Goulding released a sped-up version of the hit in July 2022. The popularity of the track is often attributed to the ethereal vocals by Goulding and the signature upbeat style that keeps fans coming back for more.


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I Need Your Love (2012)

In this catchy hit from 2012, Ellie Goulding ditches her metallic look for a more girl-next-door vibe. ‘I Need Your Love’ hit No.4 on the UK Singles Charts and is produced by DJ Calvin Harris whom Goulding was rumoured to be dating at the time. The music video features the pair taking a road trip to Miami and gives off major summer road trip vibes which aided in its success in becoming one of the classic anthems of summer. The relaxed vibe of the song and music video shows a fun ‘cool girl’ side of Goulding as she is seen having the time of her life riding in a silver convertible and even getting a tattoo. Despite the change in direction from the dressed-up party girl in ‘Starry Eyed’ and ‘Lights’ to the fun girl next door in ‘I Need Your Love’, we still get the amazing vocals from Goulding that sit perfectly alongside the classic upbeat tune that makes her tracks so popular.


Anything Could Happen (2012)

Following the success of her album Halcyon, Goulding released Halcyon Days which was a repackaged edition of her initial album with some bonus tracks. Among these albums was Goulding’s popular track ‘Anything Could Happen.’ The vibe of this hit moves Goulding into a more romantic and feminine era of her style evolution as she is seen in the music video with pink hair and a flowy pink gown. A lot of the shots in the music video are filmed in slow motion giving off a dramatic effect that suits the more softer and romantic tones of the song. A notable change in Goulding’s style also includes the shaved side of her hair which gave her that edgy rockstar look she became known for in 2012.


Love Me Like You Do (2015)

Fifty Shades of Grey fans will be very familiar with Goulding’s next hit ‘Love Me Like You Do’. The popular track is played alongside the iconic helicopter scene in the first instalment of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies. The song was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song and spent four weeks at No.1 on the UK singles chart. In the music video of the track, Goulding continues with her edgy style as she is seen dressed in an oversized leather jacket and black pants. Despite the more edgy look, the track includes her classic romantic tones that fans are familiar with as she sings about a topic covered in most Ellie Goulding songs – falling in love.


Hate Me (2019)


In 2019 Goulding collaborated with Juice WRLD on the track ‘Hate Me.’ Whilst an unlikely duo, the vocals on the track complement each other well as Goulding’s ethereal vocals are a good match for the moody raps that Juice WRLD is known for. In this track, we see a switch from Goulding’s usual messaging around love and those happier feelings often felt early on in a relationship, to the end of one and the emotions that come along with a breakup. The music video has a darker vibe to it with Goulding seen in an oversized black hoodie, a far cry from the metallic party girl fans are used to from her earlier music videos. The change in direction, however, shows the depth Goulding can reach with her music as she produces not just the pop hits that have you wanting to hit the dance floor, but also the tracks that are perfect for the days you feel like wallowing in your room.


All By Myself (2022)

There’s no doubt Ellie Goulding has reached her self-confident era as she comes back on the scene with a banger of a track. ‘All By Myself’ features artist ALOK and  DJ Sigala and we have to call it now, this will be the track of Summer 2022. The song brings Goulding’s classic strong vocals that yet again make you want to party with a group of your closest friends. The lyrics of the song show how far Goulding has come mentally as she sings about loving who she is and what she has accomplished in life. In interviews she had done earlier in her career, Goulding mentions the struggles she went through in the spotlight and how it impacted her self-confidence and relationships, however, it seems she has truly come out the other end as she has described her new mindset in a recent interview with Bustle “I don’t want to waste any more time worrying. I really want to just do what I do without feeling scared of everything and everyone,” she says. “I think having my son has given me equal vulnerability and strength at the same time. I’m trying to figure out how to work those with each other.” This newfound Ellie Goulding has certainly come to light in this latest track and if any of her previous music is to go by, this hit will be around for many years to come.





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