As OneRepublic land on our shores this month to perform two show-stopping concerts in Auckland and Wellington, it’s time to look back on the very best of their impressive discography. Make sure you know their top tracks to prepare for these incredible nights!


Counting Stars

OneRepublic’s ode to rejecting human greed and living life to the fullest, ‘Counting Stars’, remains an absolute banger ten years after its release. Opening with the band’s trademark acoustic guitars and dreamy lyrics, then exploding into a bombastic chorus, this song is the ultimate singalong. There can be no better feeling than throwing your monetary worries away and stomping to that chant of “take that money, watch it burn” amongst a crowd of thousands.





‘Apologise’ is a timeless break-up anthem. Originally backed by a dramatic orchestra and striking keys, then receiving an even more exciting remix by 2000s legend Timabaland, ‘Apologise’ always hits hard because of the simple, heartfelt songwriting at its core. Nothing compares to that sweeping chorus, and when you’re recovering from the end of a brutal relationship, no other song would soundtrack your tears quite the same.





The band’s celebration of their success as honest songwriters, ‘Secrets’, is an iconic OneRepublic number. Proving to be another example of their ridiculously catchy choruses, the entire song builds to that explosive hook, where they remind listeners (and themselves) that remaining vulnerable is the most rewarding way to live. If there’s one secret we’re not unafraid to give away, it’s that this song is a certified classic.




 All Fall Down

A deep cut from the band’s debut album Dreaming Out Loud, shuddering violins and eerie vocals make ‘All Fall Down’ a hauntingly emotional entry into the OneRepublic catalogue. Beloved by fans for its lyrics promising that we can support each other when “your world starts crashing down”, this song is a prime example of OneRepublic’s earnest songwriting.




Love Runs Out

Dripping with drama and gospel flair, ‘Love Runs Out’ is a floor-stomper dedicated to pursuing a relationship until it ends for better or for worse. Originally intended as the lead single for their 2013 album Native, Ryan Tedder’s struggle to complete the chorus delayed its release. We can only be thankful it finally reached the airwaves, as the finished product is undeniable scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs material, going down in OneRepublic history as a defining track.




All The Right Moves

‘All The Right Moves’ offers up another unforgettable OneRepublic chorus. Deliciously dynamic and filled with powerful pop-rock production, the band got ahead of the critics with this tongue-in-cheek song. Self-deprecating lyrics ironically warn that despite pulling “all the right moves in all the right places”, the band will inevitably crash and burn. That sarcasm is made all the more fun over a decade on, as OneRepublic are still riding as high as ever.





Ryan Tedder declares in the opening lyric of ‘Preacher’ that “when I was a kid, I used to buy and sell gravity”. It’s the perfect introduction to a song of childlike wonder, devoted to his late grandfather who was indeed a preacher. The track’s second half positively glows thanks to the astounding vocals of a New Orleans gospel choir, heightening the emotion of each line as Tedder passionately reflects on how his upbringing made him who he is today.




Stop and Stare

There is perhaps no OneRepublic chorus more emotionally heavy and meaningful than that of ‘Stop and Stare’. Accompanied by an extensive, highly cinematic music video, it’s a truly heart-wrenching ballad, with sullen lyrics and pained electric guitar that answer that relatable feeling of not being enough. But it’s the band’s honest sense of feeling that allows the song to offer true comfort in your darkest moments.





Good Life

‘Good Life’ is an immediately recognisable hit making sure its listeners know to appreciate the very best of the world around them. Shimmering under the weight of that emotional, joyful chorus, it’s nostalgic yet forward-thinking all at once. Uniquely, the band even re-recorded alternate versions of the song for radio play in different cities across America. When that iconic whistling melody comes in, we’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to hear New Zealand make the lyrical cut!




West Coast

One of the band’s more recent releases, ‘West Coast’ is a tribute to summer dreams of golden beaches and red-hot heat. Its feel-good, churchy melodies stick with you long after the song is over, and the highly visual lyrics will have you feeling like you’re really there with them beside the sea.





Experimenting with rushing keys and moody melodies, ‘Tyrant’ is a beautiful creation clocking in at over five minutes as one of OneRepublic’s longest songs. Huge stomping drums and powerful vocals make ‘Tyrant’ a sweeping, expansive moment in their discography, where their deep love for the music they make shines through.




Life In Color

I’m giving it some heart and soul now”, Ryan Tedder croons on the glittering pop track ‘Life In Color’. Like coming out of a dark haze into an uplifting new day, this song is bursting with joy and positivity. Arguably the band’s most hopeful track, it’s tailor made to play at all the best moments of your life, from a first kiss, to a roadtrip, to a dance in the pouring rain.




I Lived

You’ll know you followed OneRepublic’s advice if you’re living your best life in the crowd at their show, belting out ‘I Lived’. With its slick production, rousing backing vocals and inspiring call to make the most of every moment, this song is guaranteed to lift your spirits and remind you how valuable every day can be.




Diving into a fresher tropical sound for the band, ‘Run’ is a cheery, upbeat number led by an irresistible whistled hook. Its modern sound pairs interestingly with OneRepublic’s trademark self-reflective lyrics and themes of staying positive through the hard times. Beachy and bright, yet smokey and strange, it’s a standout track where OneRepublic stay faithful to their roots whilst adapting to new pop sounds.



I Ain’t Worried

The firecracker of a tune from Top Gun: Maverick exploded onto the scene in May 2022 and instantly became a fan favourite due to its sunny and upbeat vibe, plus with the help of Miles Teller’s abs (of course). Heard in the film while the Top Gun crew are playing ball and bonding on the beach, the track has an undeniably good feeling about it and fans and critics alike hailed it as the Song of Summer for that year. Bonus points for that whistling intro too, because it simply wouldn’t be a OneRepublic hit without some famous Ryan Tedder whistling.