With the recent release of her new album Queen of Me on February 3, it’s the optimal moment to take a look back at some of the best moments of Shania Twain’s musical career with a definitive ranking of her top ten most iconic tracks.

Shania’s multiple-decade-spanning career has given us some of the most empowering tracks of all time, and here are the ones we love the most!



10) ‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good’



The lead single from her fourth studio album, Up! was chosen by Shania as she thought it was relatable to her previous singles, and she wanted something familiar. Charting in multiple countries worldwide, the song has two versions, the ‘Red’ and the ‘Green’ – representing the pop and country mixes, respectively. While it was named Country Recording of the Year, some thought it was too much like her past work, however, it still serves as a brilliant piece of ear candy.



9) ‘Any Man of Mine’



‘Any Man of Mine’ serves as almost an instructional manual for lovers right from its twangy, upbeat beginnings. Between “I need a man who knows how the story goes,” “any man who’s mine will say it fits just right,” and “any man of mine better walk the line,” Shania sets out her romantic expectations with a passionate backdrop.



8) ‘Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under’



A track from the earlier years of Shania’s career, ‘WBHYBU’ comes across as sassy and enigmatic as she enthusiastically sings about getting a philanderer to tick her off his list of potential women. It’s one of those tracks where Shania makes it painstakingly obvious that she’s well aware of her worth and isn’t afraid to say so.



7) ‘Forever & For Always’



The third single from the 2002 album Up! is another of Shania’s deeply romantic tracks. It is described by her as one of her favorite tracks and inspired by people who go from being in love at a young age to keeping that same adoration through the decades. It’s the kind of song that weddings would probably have featured a good few times by now. Basically – this steadfast love-themed pop anthem is bound to bring tears to the eyes of hopeless romantics, so come prepared with a tissue or two if you’re going to listen to it with your significant other.



6) ‘Giddy Up!’



Released on January 5, ‘Giddy Up!’ was the second single to be announced for the upcoming Queen of Me. Shania has referred to the single as wanting to evoke the same celebratory emotions as the line “let’s go girls!” from ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’ – and it certainly achieves that. ‘Giddy-Up!’ is a strikingly fun, undeniably charisma-filled track that will likely become a dance floor anthem in upcoming years.



5) ‘Best friend’



This one’s another tear-jerker, as Shania fans will know. A strikingly moving dedication to the art and essence of long lasting friendship, it’s meaningful, memorable and heartwarming.



4) ‘The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)’



While fans love seeing Shania as a female-empowering icon, this 1995 track gives listeners a bit more insight into her multifaceted self. Her third consecutive top twenty single, it’s perceptive and self-reflective, catering slightly to the damsel in distress archetype during the chorus while also making use of acknowledging her flaws in the opening line, “I’m not always strong / and sometimes I’m even wrong.”



3) ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’



‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ is simply described as slightly cocky and self-assured. The conclusively flirty yet confident lyrics through which Shania explicitly outlines that any potential lover needs to have “the brains and the touch” makes it very clear that this woman knows what she wants and owns it. Soaked in quirky appeal and combined with a killer mix of contempt-tinged vocals and skillful production, it’s up there with the top of her discography.



2) ‘You’re Still The One’



Two words: emotional bop. This track shot to the top of the charts upon release and garnered critical reception the world over. A crossover-country ballad for the ages, it’s slow, melodic and a touching ode to lasting love that beats the odds, exemplified in the lyric “we’re still together / still going strong (you’re still the one).


1) ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’



I think that it’s clear to note that this might be Shania’s most recognisable piece of work. Hailing from her 1997 album ‘Come On Over’ this country-pop empowerment anthem has attracted and been loved by listeners ever since. The perfect track to blast when you want to celebrate femininity, it recently blew up again on a TikTok trend and reached a whole new generation. With its upbeat, catchy lyrics and featuring a hook that’s been described previously by music critics as ‘selling like an ice cream in the summertime’, there’s no doubt that ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman!’ might just be Shania at her best.