Sometimes we see a really good film, and sometimes that film is accompanied with an even better soundtrack. And sometimes we just have to make a list about it.


Black Panther

The superhero movie was well awaited, but the soundtrack produced by Kendrick Lamar was even more so. Name one thing cooler than having Kendrick Lamar producing your movie soundtrack. We’ll wait. Taking the themes of the film, Lamar incorporated African rhythms and hella woke lyrics to truly create a masterpiece. The album is also stuffed with features left, right and center. It’s easy to forget that this is even a soundtrack and not just one of Lamar’s own albums.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Nobody expected this movie to produce a soundtrack of straight bangers and perhaps that was the plan. In many ways, the soundtrack helped to bring more recognition and fame to the actual movie. The album became the best-selling soundtrack in the US in 2014, behind Frozen, and topped Billboard’s Top Soundtracks for 11 weeks straight. For my 17th birthday party a mate brought along this CD and chucked it on my stereo and let me tell you it went down an absolute treat.


Straight Outta Compton

Okay, I’m not sure if this one counts because the movie is literally about the soundtrack, but the soundtrack still goes off. Equipped with all your classic rap needs, this soundtrack has you feeling pretty badass. Arguably some of the best songs from N.W.A, and some solo hits from the members, represent the biographical movie in the best way.


The Great Gatsby

The roaring 20’s has always held an aesthetic to them, but when Baz Luhrmann steps onto the scene and makes a roaring 20’s 2-hour-long visual with an even better soundtrack, it puts the actual era to shame. Lana Del Rey, Bey and Jay Z, Fergie, and Florence + the Machine all sprinkled their magic over this soundtrack and blessed the hell out of it. Now, whenever we hear Lana’s ‘Young and Beautiful’ we can’t help but think of Daisy Buchanan and wish we were her. Sigh.


Fifty Shades of Grey

Alright, hate on me all you want but you can’t deny this is a great album. The movie shall forever remain in the grey (ha ha ha) area of love and hate, but surely the entire world can agree on the tunes in this album. The Weeknd’s ‘Earned It’ just might be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Just suck it up and chuck it on for Valentine’s Day already. Oh, and try not to eat all the chocolates before you get home this time.


Mamma Mia

Oh, come on. You know it was gonna be in here. It’s okay to admit you listen to ABBA, nobody’s watching. Even better, this soundtrack is equipped with covers of all of ABBA’s greatest hits. Chuck this bad boy on as you get ready to go out and nobody has to know, but they might get suspicious when you keep referencing lyrics the whole night.


8 Mile

Arguably one of the best rap songs of all time, ‘Lose Yourself’ is reason alone for this soundtrack being bomb. But if that’s not enough to sway you, this soundtrack features a lot of Old Eminem and even some crackers from 50 Cent and Jay Z. The perfect trip down memory lane to when you wore your hoodie up and stunned all of your classmates by rapping straight verses.