After a long-anticipated wait, the entirety of Bridgerton season 3 has arrived on our screens. While it’s been a long time coming, the viewer statistics prove once again that our lovely watchers have relished returning to the ton. Although there isn’t a focus on Kate and Anthony this season (as expected), viewers have perhaps received the most exciting plot yet in the form of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, especially when the Whistledown story is so intertwined. While there have been some changes for our main characters with this time jump, there is no shortage of beautiful soundtracks and outfits.

**WARNING: potential spoilers ahead**


GAYLE/Vitula – ‘abcdefu’

The first pop cover of this season comes in the form of ‘abcdefu’ by GAYLE, covered by Vitula. In both its original form and this classical rendition, the power of GAYLE shines through. The song is strong, badass and defiant, and it’s the perfect song to kick off this season, as Penelope spends a fair bit of time in this episode undergoing a dramatic makeover. We see Penelope becoming more confident and realising that she no longer desires to be a wallflower this season, and the cover plays heavily on this emotionally charged decision.





BTS/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Dynamite’

There is nothing quite like a Bridgerton ball; this season is no exception. Full of fantastic colours and energy, the energetic upbeat ‘Dynamite’ plays during part one. Music supervisor Justin Kamps previously said this is the ‘perfect’ song for dancers to be choreographed to – and we have to agree. Overall, this third season is more lighthearted than Season 2’s Kate and Anthony storyline, and the soundtrack decisions reflect that. While Season 2 did have the inevitable moment of tragedy, Season 3 possesses a more malleable, positive connotation.





Nick Jonas/Shimmer – ‘Jealous’

Nick Jonas’ ‘Jealous’ backs one of the most crucial turning points in the season’s first half. With Penelope enjoying herself and talking to potential suitors, Colin clocks this fact from across the room – and he doesn’t particularly enjoy what he sees. This is the episode when he starts to feel something more than friendship for Penelope and to use this song is just so fitting for that experience. While viewers know they will end up together by the end of the season, the combination of this track and the emotions portrayed by Luke Newton gives the scene a heightened sense of tension.




Sia/Vitamin Strings Quartet – ‘Cheap Thrills’

Between the ball sponsored by Pen at the end of the season and the Innovation Ball, Season 3 has some of the most expansive and beautiful balls we have seen yet. ‘Cheap Thrills’ plays as attendees enter the Innovation Ball, one that’s filled to the brim with futuristic, out-of-the-box decorations.




Taylor Swift & Lana del Rey/Atwood Quartet – ‘Snow on the Beach’

Taylor is a fixture on Bridgerton soundtracks by now, having been featured as far back as season 1 with ‘Wildest Dreams.’ As Colin wrestles with his complicated feelings, Penelope accepts a dance from Lord Debling, who aptly picks up on her and Colin’s unresolved issues. The interaction consequently results in an explosive argument between Colin and Pen on the dance floor. The lyrics are accurate considering the angsty feelings on show, especially the chorus lines when Swift states ‘you wanting me tonight feels impossible.





Billie Eilish/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Happier Than Ever’

Of course, we must not forget Colin was not the only interested party in Penelope during the show’s first half. Lady Whistledown narrates that it seems “Lord Debling’s instinct has led this man of nature to the most surprising pick of the season” in Pen. Lord Debling and Pen dance to this intense, swooping cover of Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ as Colin watches from the sidelines. A tune of confusion and complication, it aptly echoes the indeed complicated feelings occurring between Colin and Pen at this point in the season, just as Colin’s seem to be reaching a crescendo.





Pitbull/Archer Marsh – ‘Give Me Everything (Stripped)’

It was the moment we had ALL been waiting for. Yes, THAT carriage scene. Undeniably many viewers would have been transfixed during this moment, as it’s the penultimate scene of the first part (RIGHT after which the section ends). Penelope and Colin finally act on their feelings, resulting in an explosion of emotions and physicality. The cover leans more into the pop sound than some of the others on the soundtrack, but that’s likely because this is an intense song in its original form. With its immense build-up (like we’ve seen through the season) and moment of ah, boiling over, this is undeniably a very good fit.





Ariana Grande/Strings From Paris – ‘pov’

The first cover in the second half of the season is Ariana Grande’s ‘pov’ during the intimate scene between Colin and Penelope in their new house. Ariana has featured on the soundtracks before and it’s always been immensely successful, so they’ve decided not to mess with a tried and tested formula. ‘pov’ explores the desire to wish you could see yourself from your partner’s perspective, so you can understand why they find you so incredible. For the lovemaking scene, Kamps knew it needed something “delicate and sensual.” The song takes a while to build up and is both emotional and heartfelt. The love on display in the scene is almost palpable, and against this track, extremely moving to watch.





Imagine Dragons/Thomas Mercier/Theo Croix – ‘Thunder’

The development for Violet Bridgerton this season is simply one of the best ones and is frankly delicious to watch. Fans have long wished for Violet to potentially find love again, given her views on the subject and the loss of Edmund. Violet’s successful in her matchmaking for the children this season, with not one love match but TWO. But she may be on the verge of securing her own, as Lady Danbury’s brother Marcus Anderson arrives in the ton. A flirtation between the couple takes place throughout the season, with one of the culminating moments being when Marcus calls on Violet to retrieve his hat. As she retreats into the drawing room to be with her children, the backing music of ‘Thunder’ hints at the possibility of romance to come.



Demi Lovato/Archer Marsh – ‘Confident’

Miss Cressida Cowper has certainly had a few interesting moments this season. In part 2, she devises the plan that to get out of a nonconsensual marriage proposal, she will reveal herself as Whistledown (with the reluctant help of her mother). It’s a step back for her character development, as the start of the season and her friendship with Eloise humanized this former mean girl more than she had been in past seasons. She is initially certain she can pull off her plan, and Lovato’s ‘Confident’ plays with an anticipatory, triumphant air as she enters the ball at the end of episode 6.



Coldplay/Vitamin String Quartet – ‘Yellow’

One part of the music that is always deftly nailed in our favourite regency world is those songs played during the most romantic moments, and Polin’s wedding song is no exception. A hauntingly beautiful form of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ plays as Penelope walks down the aisle in an understated dress as she, elated, makes eye contact with Colin. ‘Yellow’ has always been an iconic romantic song, and with the lines being ‘look at the stars / look how they shine for you’, it emphasises how Pen has, in fact, always felt for Colin. From season one till now and even before, this wallflower has been deep in yearning, and many of her actions have stemmed from a desire to always protect him. Now they are married, Pen has finally got the person she’s always dreamed of, and to her, it’s clear his existence has always been as bright as the stars.





Taylor Swift/Duomo – ‘You Belong With Me’

It’s Swift’s second appearance in the season with the first dance between Penelope and Colin after they’re finally married. Occurring during the wedding breakfast, the other attendees seem to be surprised when the couple take to the floor but eventually join in. Using Swift’s songs at these moments is also symbolic of the narrative’s development, as ‘Snow on the Beach’ played when Colin was still struggling to understand his feelings. To have this one play during one of the penultimate romantic moments feels fitting, and leans into the fact that Pen and Colin have in fact, both married the person they believe they are destined to be with.



Ellie Goulding/Archer Marsh – ‘Lights (Stripped)’

The ball in the last episode is undeniably exquisite. From the ‘now, Varley, the bugs!’ to Penelope’s speech to the speech from Colin to Pen, this final ball is an emotional whirlwind for audiences. It not only wraps up the primary storyline, but also gives viewers the moment they have wished for – Penelope being accepted as Whistledown by all in the ton. ‘Lights (Stripped)’ is fun, light, bouncy and full of joy – and the whole ball is full of it in many ways too.






Tori Kelly/Kris Bowers – ‘All I Want’

Season 3’s end gave us audiences the first original song to grace a ‘Bridgerton’ soundtrack, in the form of Tori Kelly’s ‘All I Want’ which played during the season’s end credits. Kelly recently expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, saying that she has been excited to be part of the show ‘in her own way.’ One of the most brilliant lines in its non-orchestral form is undoubtedly, ‘the only heart that’s crazier than mine.’ In a way, it symbolises how both Pen and Colin carve unconventional paths as they both become writers in the end – something which was unexpected in that period. Their passions line up, and it gives them a unique understanding of each other. The lines ‘cos today and always, you’re all I want’ also symbolise this beautiful couple’s happy ending – and long may it last for our new favourite pair, indeed.