Named after their old street number (660 Castle St, Dunedin) from their Otago University days, SIX60 have spent the past decade as one of Aotearoa’s most cherished homegrown bands reminding us “don’t forget your roots my friend, don’t forget your family.” SIX60 are so loved here that during the Spring and Summer months you’ll constantly hear them playing from people’s cars, in restaurants and bars, at the beach, and on the radio; their warm and uplifting vibes are everywhere. Their discography of three studio albums and one studio EP (which all reached platinum) is a reflection of all of their deserved accomplishments; from winning countless Aotearoa Music Awards, to selling out Western Springs Stadium and International tours.

With their fourth studio album Castle St out October 7, let’s take a look into the discography of SIX60.


SIX60 (1) (2011)


Produced by the band and Kiwi music legend Tiki Taane, SIX60’s debut studio album saw members Eli, Chris, Ji, Marlon, and Matiu begin the tradition of self-titling all of their bodies of work for over an entire decade – reinforcing that we should stick to our roots. Although the still-iconic lead single ‘Rise Up 2.0’ was released in the latter half of 2010, the song became somewhat of a national anthem because it was all anybody in Aotearoa was singing along to. SIX60 found themselves being grouped in with other treasured Kiwi bands who came before them, yet SIX60 (1) was a new and refreshing fusion of soul, rock and R&B.


SIX60 (2) (2015)


After the success of their first album, SIX60 fans from Aotearoa and worldwide patiently waited for what felt like forever for their highly anticipated second studio album. November 10, 2014 saw the release of the album’s infectious lead single ‘Special’, and the warmer months leading to Summer felt familiar again because we had new SIX60 to play on repeat. By the end of February the following year, SIX60 (2) came to wave Summer goodbye and become the backdrop of final beach roadies. Following its first week of release, each song from the album charted on the NZ Singles Chart because it sold so well. The album saw the band reach new highs with six songs reaching platinum and the album becoming Aotearoa’s best-seller for its year of release.



SIX60 EP (2017)


In classic fashion of the band, SIX60’s first studio EP released on November 17, right before Kiwi Summer began. The six new songs – to no one’s surprise – all charted on the NZ charts, with 3 going platinum and 3 gold. At this point it was safe to say SIX60 were (and still are) the most successful band to come out of Aotearoa and that Kiwis consider them quintessential to a perfect Summer. The success of the EP saw SIX60 sell out Western Springs Stadium, which was a new feat in itself for a local band seeing as the stadium has a capacity of roughly 49,000. The EP contains a mix of uplifting and bass heavy orientated songs, such as ‘Closer’ and ‘Vibes’, and more laidback tracks such as ‘Rivers’ and ‘Up There’.



SIX60 (3) (2019)


For their third studio album, SIX60 teamed up with American producer Malay (who also worked on Lorde’s Melodrama and Solar Power). Released on November 8 to wide acclaim, SIX60 (3) reached triple platinum in Aotearoa. Since its release, the album has never left the NZ Top 40 Albums Chart. The album’s singles ‘The Greatest’ and ‘Please Don’t Go’ reinforced the notion that SIX60 continue to grow better than ever with each release. We’re still unsure on how they do it, but we’re eternally thankful because we know we can always rely on them as the soundtrack to our Summer memories.



Castle St (2022)


The fourth and latest album from the band sees them back where they started, making instrumentals in a room together just like they did as a college house party band a decade ago. With its traditional SIX60 hues such as harmonising background vocals and sweeping rhymthic beats, the album came out swinging in 2022 and soundtracked yet another Summer for Aotearoa. Lead single ‘Before You Leave’, an ode to Matiu’s daughter, released early September and was followed by the booming party hit ‘Never Been Tonight’ and its B-side ‘Nobody Knows.’ The boys then embarked on another world tour, finishing up with dates around the nation.






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