After a brief hiatus, we’re back with another Fangradio album session from Crowded House. Although, this week’s episode comes at us a little different. Unpacking the band’s 2010 album Intriguer, we’re joined by Neil Finn and his usual counterparts from the road as they head to Palmerston North for their gig later this evening at The Regent on Broadway. 

Starting things off from his studio, Finn explains he’s just about to jump into a van and start his travels to the airport, but that he’ll be calling in to the podcast to check in. “I’ve got someone here pushing the button for the live tracks,” he says before we get right into the opener ‘Saturday Sun’. “How wonderful is it to watch the sun come up? This song is like a new day being sung into existence.”

From there we’re right into the slow ‘Amsterdam’ and then the euphoric ‘Either Side of The World’, with both tracks enjoying a new rendition. “I feel like [Intriguer] is a worthy record,” Finn admits. “I’m proud of the songs.” We’re then hit with ‘Twice If You’re Lucky’, which is an absolute fan favourite and sends the comment section into a frenzy. 

As the broadcast makes its way through the album’s track list (‘Falling Dove’, ‘Isolation’, ‘Elephants’ and ‘Even If’), Finn hits us with crackling audio from his van, but you’d think he was transmitting from the moon. “We’re on the road now,” he begins, adding that he’s with his two sons Liam and Elroy and his wife. “We’re so lucky to be playing gigs again, so I’m sorry I couldn’t fully prepare for this week’s Fangradio. But I’ve made sure to go ahead and schedule the songs I wanted.”

“Hello Fangradio!” Comes another crackled voice a few minutes later. “It’s Nick here! I’m calling in from my own van as I drive on a Covid-free motorway.” He then proceeds to question why Palmerston North is called that when in fact it’s actually south. “Never mind, I’m sure I’ll find out when I get there. See you later!”

Next we’re into a stripped version of ‘Archer’s Arrows’, which Finn reveals was actually one of the earlier compositions of the song. And before we get into the final track, a deluxe one aptly named ‘The Intriguer’, Finn updates us all that he has almost reached his destination. “I hope you’ve all enjoyed the programme, I’m just about at the airport.” The opening chords of ‘The Intriguer’ begin to play and Finn officially signs off. “Take care, settle back, and love from Fangradio.” 


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