Since breaking onto the scene in 2017, Jordan Rakei has been on a steady upward trajectory. With his mixture of soul, jazz and alternative, Rakei is racking up a fanbase – but how well do you know this young star? If you’re not acquainted with him yet, now is definitely the time, so read on to familiarise yourself with him!


1. He’s released four albums so far with another on the way

The recently announced The Loop has sent fans into a frenzy, but this is far from Rakei’s first studio album. With previous creations Cloak, Wallflower, Origin and What We Call Life already under his belt, no doubt The Loop will once again bring his vulnerable, intimate songwriting to the fore. The Loop will be available on all streaming platforms 10 May this year.





2. He has a dancefloor alias

Maybe you haven’t heard of Jordan Rakei, but you might have heard of Dan Kye. Rakei has performed under this moniker since 2016, and even released an EP entitled Joy, Ease, Lightness through Rhythm Section Records. Described as stripped back electronics, Kye brings a very different vibe but only proves that Jordan refuses to be constrained by any singular style.





3. He had an early career Grammy nomination

After his work with various artists, Rakei received a Grammy nomination for his work on Disclosure’s track ‘Masterpiece’ from 2015 album Caracal. If you need a refresher on that album, allow us to remind you of the iconic tracks ‘Omen’ (ft. Sam Smith) and ‘Magnets’ (featuring our very own Lorde!) Feeling amazed yet?



4. He is inspired by some very cool artists

Even though it doesn’t float through often into his music, Rakei has said two of his main inspirations are Saul Williams and Radiohead. Having described them both as ‘creative, fearless minds’ it’s unsurprising that these icons continue to influence young artists in the modern day.



5. He’s played Glastonbury

In 2017 after the release of his alluring single ‘Sorceress’, Rakei made his Glastonbury debut. So much about Rakei’s early career proves he has been one to watch from the beginning, as many emerging artists struggle to make it to a festival like Glastonbury.





6. He’s been with a few record labels

Rakei has been with a variety of labels, but is now signed to Ninja Tune Records. Having begun his career with Soul Tune Records, he released the emotional Groove Curse EP, before dropping debut album Cloak through his own label 4101 Records. The early Dan Kye record was then marketed through Rhythm Section before his transfer to Ninja Tune in June 2017. Ninja Tune also represents Peggy Gou, who performed this year at Auckland’s Golden Lights.



7. Rakei has lived in both Australia and NZ

Born in Tokoroa in the North Island, Rakei then moved to Brisbane, Australia at the age of three. Like many other aspiring artists however, he made the dramatic move to London to chase his musical dreams at 23. So far, it’s definitely working out for him!



8. He has an upcoming tour

Pre the release of The Loop, European fans are going to be treated in the near future to a selection of shows across various countries. It’s been a while since Jordan got out on the road, so this is exciting news for his fanbase.




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9. His album Origin was partly inspired by hit show Black Mirror

 Channeling introspection, reflection and the melodies of the 70s, Rakei’s 2019 album was inspired by dystopian television, including the much loved shows Black Mirror and The Handmaid’s Tale. The album then received acclaim in many large publications across the UK and beyond, including The Observer, The Evening Standard and GQ.


10. He’s very active on social media

Alongside posting snippets and teasing his own music online, Rakei is super active on socials (slay) and also posts covers on Instagram and YouTube, further demonstrating his talent for lending his voice to various genres. Be sure to follow to stay updated with his latest drops and teasers!




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