5 Seconds of Summer’s fourth studio album ‘CALM’ truly gave us everything and more. From ‘Old Me’ to the massive BANGER ‘Wildflower’ but how well do you know the lyrics to ‘Wildflower’? Try our quiz below!


1. "You know you are my favourite _______. A fatal love song"
2. "And I can see it in your face. You've got a side you can't _____"
3. "I love it when you wear your ____ down over your shoulder"
4. "You're tellin' me, you're tellin' me, you're tellin' me, you wanna ____ ____"
5. "Cause I know where ______ is going"
6. "I see the colour in your _____. It makes me smile."
7. "I hear you _______ out my name. I love the sound"
8. "Tell you what I like, my __________"


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