Still obsessed with Conan Gray’s smashing tune ‘Wish You We’re Sober’ and need a lil’ test? Let’s see how well you really know the lyrics with our quiz below! 🧐

1. "Take me where the music ain't too ____"
2. "Trade drinks, but you don't even know _____"
3. "______ down the road, walking home"
4. "Kiss me in the seat of your _____"
5. "Nineteen but you act ______-____ now"
6. "Pulling me close, begging me to stay over. But I'm over this ___________"

"Kinda hope you're following me out. But this is definitely not my _____."

8. "I'ma crawl outta the _____ now. 'Cause I don't like anyone around"


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