Justin Bieber and benny blanco’s track ‘Lonely’ hit us right in the feels and we’re still recovering (especially after the new acoustic version omg!) But how well do you know the lyrics? Test your ‘Lo-o-o-onely’ lyric skills below!

1. "Maybe when I'm _____, it'll all calm down"
2. "What if you had it all. But ______ to call?"
3. "Everybody knows my ____ now. But somethin' about it still feels strange"
4. "They __________ the things I did as an idiot kid"
5. "Maybe then you'd ____ me"
6. "Everybody knows my past now. Like my house was always made of _____"
7. "Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna ______ yourself"
8. "And maybe that's the _____ you pay"


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