Sydney-based pop newcomers Cat & Calmell have arrived and they’re ready to meet you. They burst onto the scene in October last year with their debut single ‘dumbshit’, a dark-pop banger with a booming chorus. One which definitely earns a tap of the replay button. And well, the perfect soundtrack to being ‘dramatic’. The pair are however the opposite of their dark lyrics. Trust us, after this you’ll be wishing for their hand in best-friendship.


1. They met at an afterschool program

When we think of after school programs, we usually think of children being led hand-in-hand through pedestrian crossings… But no, their meet-cute is much cooler than this. Cat’s childhood was spent moving countries every 2-3 years, whereas Calmell was born and raised in Western Sydney. Their paths then crossed at a program for developing musicians. Sparks bloomed between them and as they both confessed, a best friend was found. Are you crying yet?


2. They’re Gen Z babies 

Cat & Calmell’s lyrics ring truer than the law and you were probably wondering why. It’s because they’re experiencing the same rollercoaster ride of emotions as us. The only difference is that they can turn it into art. And well us, that one is still up for debating… Anyways, Cat just recently celebrated her 21st birthday and Calmell is one year her senior. Pretty damn impressive, if we do say so!


3. It took them 2 years to release ‘dumbshit’

The duo’s debut single ‘dumbshit’ only dropped in October last year, yet it left critics far and wide basically bursting with excitement. Let’s remember though that being added to full rotation at triple j doesn’t happen overnight… It takes dedication. And boy are Cat & Calmell perfectionists at their craft. ‘dumbshit’ was written two years ago but they wanted everything to be absolutely perfect before letting it free to the world. A point then came where they realized they needed to just put out what feels right in the moment. And thankfully for us, that moment is right now!


4. They’re asthmatic legends

Nope this is not a typo. If you’ve seen their Instagram bio as “ur fave charismatically asthmatic pop duo”, you were probably a little confused and intrigued… But this is a true story! The duo solidified their friendship during a trip to LA in 2016 with a shared asthma attack, one so bad that Cat ended up on the bathroom floor. They might’ve lost their inhalers but at least they found each other. <3


5. They are big fans of ‘Euphoria’

If you haven’t already binge-watched the music video for ‘dumbshit’, what are you waiting for? The video is a full cinematic experience. And if it tells us anything, it’s that they too, are dying waiting for the second season of ‘Euphoria’ to drop. The pair were massively inspired by the show’s visuals in making the video. From the red-lit party scenes to the pair’s angel wings, Cat & Calmell brought their own twist to familiar visuals. And spoiler alert, they managed to do it even better.


6. They are your next style icons

Delete your Pinterest app right now… Because after giving their Instas a stalk, your two new style icons will be right in front of you. These girls have got mad style. From envy-worthy trench coats to perfect plaid mini-skirts, they’ve got it all. We are obsessed with how much confidence they accessorize with their fits. And uhhhh, can we talk about their make-up?! We need an hour-long closet tour AND make-up tutorial. Be careful stalking their grams though because you’ll end up having no storage left on your phone from all the screenshotting…

Side note: Cat also has a brilliant second/alter-ego account @angrychinesegurl. The bio explains it all, “i’m hannah montana and this is my miley stewart account”. God, we love her.


7. They’re hugely inspired by TikTok

As Gen Z, they’re fellow fans of the TikTok algorithm’s magical powers. As Cat told Notion Magazine, “it’s a platform that is more accessible to creators than any other in helping them find an audience and it’s been a well of inspiration on our creative journey as well.” It’s one thing to find inspiration but it’s another to absolutely slay it. Let us tell you, they’ve got style and they’re damn funny too. The dream combo. You’ll be absolutely hooked after giving them a stalk (alongside wishing you had their confidence).


@catandcalmelljust a coupla woodland creatures going for a stroll♬ original sound – Cat & Calmell


8. ‘dramatic’ is inspired by the climate-crisis

During a late-night studio session, Cat & Calmell found themselves talking about the climate crisis and feeling well, feeling pretty damn frustrated. We love how unafraid they are to speak out. They stated rather bluntly (for good reason) that “it’s the response of largely old white men in power” causing this frustration. Mix this in with the generational anxiety of knowing we’ll be the ones to see the impact on the planet, ‘dramatic’ manages to perfectly embody all the feelings. Might we just add, the music video is another cinematic experience to add to your watchlist.


9. They’re even better live (if that was possible)

You’re in luck. Because if you haven’t already started packing your bags for Sydney to become their best friend, welcome to their bedroom. This acoustic bedroom session is quite literally ethereal with the duo decked out in folky costumes. Their voices and talent are pure magic in this live performance. It’s an amazing introduction/initiation into the cult of their talent.


10. They’re planning on dropping their EP this year!!!

But for now, ‘dumbshit’ and ‘dramatic’ are available for all your streaming needs. Go, go, go!


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