Earlier this month, Kiwi artist deryk debuted her first body of work ‘WOMb’, weaving haunting melodies into emotional lyrics on tracks like ‘goodtimes’ and ‘MEN’. Giving us a peek inside her mind, deryk’s here to talk us through just a few of her favourite things, from movies to apps to IG accounts and more!


5 Films you need to see 

Reservoir Dogs

When Mr Blonde dances to “Stuck In The Middle with You” [by Stealers Wheel] while singing in to a freshly cut off ear, that’s when it was my number #1 movie and has forever been since. It’s a masterpiece, the whole thing! Everything just hit right, the music, acting, storyline, directing & the fact that it was recorded on an actual film camera too is 👏🏻👏🏻


Pulp Fiction

A cult, a classic. If you haven’t seen PF you should watch it now, don’t even finish reading this. I remember loving the casting when I first watched it. I’d already seen John Travolta in Grease when I was really young, maybe 4 or 5 so when I finally saw Pulp Fiction years later I loved watching him act again playing a new role. The comic book/pop art aesthetic of the film is so sick too, I loved that. Still do.


Kill Bill 1&2

Uma Thurman nails it every time & so does Tarantino. I love the way Tarantino writes women in films. I think after seeing the British TV show Skins as a kid I had no hope that any male writer would ever be able to write a female lead without making it completely dumb. Tarantino can though, it’s proved it multiple times now. His storylines may be far fetched but the authenticity of his characters is so real every time. He’s a genius. He inspires a lot of my own writing & creating, so does Uma.


Moulin Rouge!

The editing in this film is genius, all Baz Luhrmann films seem to have the best editing and music. He also did Romeo & Juliet, the one with Leo in it.


Shakespeare in Love

I first saw this film when I was 4 or 5 and I was obsessed. With the language & the ~costumes~ but mostly because Gwyneth Paltrow got to dress up as a boy and kiss Shakespeare himself and that got me as a kid. I loved that. Even now lol.

I’ve got more movie recommendations too but start with these & get back to me.


5 YouTubers that speak authentically 

Bliss Foster

Bliss creates content about fashion & it’s history. He’s extremely passionate and articulate and that’s why I like watching him. He’s got great podcast recommendations too. He offers a lot all just from his YouTube channel



Very intelligent Trans Woman telling it how it is. Sometimes her intellect is over my head but regardless of wether or not I need to google 10 words while watching her so I can keep up, she’s just great. I love content. Tiffany Ferg is also another YouTuber among the same vein.


Nino’s Home

ASMR baking videos (lol) Yes. Go watch. So satisfying


Micarah Tewers

Extremely relatable and very entertaining. She does sewing tutorials which you’d think would be boring to watch BUT she manages to make them funny af. Worth watching if you don’t sew because you don’t need to to see this.


Kristen Leo

I found her channel when I was trying to do some research on Ethical Fashion to clue up a bit and make better choices. I just like watching real person talking about real things and she’s very that. She’s cares about slot of things  so her videos vary on different topics. Overall she’s got great morals and good intent so she’s worth subbing to.


5 IG accounts you need to follow 








5 Podcasts you need to hear if you’re interested in songwriting

And The Writer Is…

Song Exploder

Broken Record with Rick Rubin

The J Files

Q Presents The Making of…


5 Apps you need to use



Better Ears




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