Truth behold, we are all MORE than ready for the next Sachi gig. Think ‘Worst Behavior’, ‘Hollywood Angel’, ‘Lowkey’, ‘Heavy Breathing’, ‘Hold On’ all blasting through the speakers in some fantastically decided order whilst you’re amidst a full and screaming crowd. Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas taking center stage and squeezing everything they have out of their pop-electronic creations led by dynamic, mercurial synths.

This longing is where I come in. Let’s have a look at 5 ways in which to relieve that painful itch until we can one day, get our live fix of Sachi yet again.

I’d like to disclose I am in no way a medical professional so if you do really have an exasperating itch, I would highly recommend seeing a doctor.


5. Get into their new track, Enchante (feat. Naika).

The boys released Enchante March 21 – a single they intended to “get the people dancing during this weird time”. The title is French for ‘Nice to meet you’, and it’s one hell of fun, sassy vibe perfect for the summer months. You can instantly detect Sachi’s presence in the electronic beat that underlies the song, but the bilingual chorus is something totally new for the boys. Naika, the well-travelled singer songwriter born in Miami takes over the chorus in full French – just one of her spoken languages. The collaboration between this talented lady and our Kiwi’s turned out to be something of magnificent authenticity; a standout in Sachi’s trophy case.


4. Watch their best live performances

These guys performing at the Studio last year made my Top 10 Live Performance of 2019 list with no doubt about it. We were greeted by a trippy 5-metre-tall circus lady at the door, which fit their ‘Cirque De Sachi’ theme immaculately. I can confirm they performed with an energy that’s next to nothing. I had imagined the boys to be… Sort of… geeky. Humble nerds behind their keyboards and decks. Not the case. These two have enough energy on stage for all of us, and they certainly know how to work a crowd. Let us reminisce on their banger of a live set at Rhythm and Vines 2016, their classic summer tour montage of 18/19, and their live-stream set as part of the ZM Float at Home series rocking satisfyingly crisp white uniforms.


3. Check out their socials.

It’s good to see although these two live in a world of up and coming fame, they keep humour central to the journey. As you know their twitter is outright hilarious, in fact it’s almost outright criminal. Take a peek. Some favourites of mine are:

“Imagine if you had to mow your carpet”

“The apocalyptic sense of being a teenager in a major key”

“I just met my neighbours for the first time”

“Big ups Shrek”

“Sorry guys our new song has been delayed because we are too busy making Tik Tok’s”


2. Educate yourself on the duo’s whacky facts.

Get a load of it.

  • Sachi was named after Thomas’s first car’s number plate when they needed a title.
  • Sachi was discovered by Diplo after they “stalked” the EDM producer and tossed a USB drive of music into his SUV and led him to debut the single ‘No More’ on his radio show.
  • They started writing songs at 10. About the same time, I was busy ruining the life of my Tamagotchi.
  • The first electronic music show they’d ever seen was Flume when they were 15, at our Logan Campbell Centre.
  • Being underage at the time they began their music career, they often got kicked out of gigs they’d been booked for on the night!


1. Dig up the old gem ‘Lunch with Bianca’.

Ah, their first collection of songs. Influences of street and club culture dances around the 5-track album. It’s really not your fault that you’re uncontrollably itching for more of Sachi. These boys have made songs that get since the beginning of their time. ‘Lunch with Bianca’ is proof of that. You’ve got the nostalgic track that brings everyone together and stirs a feeling of sunny days inside your chest, ‘Hold on’. Then there’s ‘South Central’, which has played through my car stereo on long drives so many times I actually can’t listen to it anymore. ‘Heavy Breathing’ was the boys really bringing in something timeless, my personal favourite of the Sachi tracks – designed for blurry vision and coloured lights. ‘No More’ has been the background track for all summer roadie type vlogs since 2016 with the way it hits those 80’s synths. The short and sweet album closes with ‘Eyes Blue’ featuring rapper ‘INF’. I hadn’t actually heard this one before writing this review, it’s something really different. At times it sounds like there’s a coil springing back at you and at others there’s a neo-soul hip-hip vibe chasing you. It’s catchy alright. I need to figure this one out. On the playlist it goes.