Whether it’s getting your mates off the couch and having a bit of a boogie or seeing them live at your favourite summer festivals, Disclosure sure know how to bring life to a party. The EDM duo, made up of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, burst onto the commercial music scene back in 2013. Hailing from Surrey, England, the pair have made a name for themselves right around the world, working with artists across a wide variety of genres.

Disclosure’s third album, ENERGY is set to be released on August 28th. Eleven tracks will be released, including features from the likes of Kehlani, Aminé and a whole lot more. We think it’s fair to say, Disclosure are the KINGS of collaborations – so let’s take a look at some of their iconic tunes, which will be sure to put you in a good mood.


My High – Disclosure, Aminé, slowthai

This is Disclosure’s latest release, one that will play out at track number three on their new album. This is a high intensity, rather fresh sound for Disclosure, something we certainly haven’t seen from them before. In a statement, the Lawrence brothers were quoted saying “we always wanted to work with rappers, we just didn’t know any, and we had no means of contacting them…”. Well, they certainly found them, acquiring the services of fellow Brit, slowthai and Aminé from the United States.

As one YouTube user shared “slowthai and Aminé on a beat, by Disclosure, is something I didn’t know I needed until I had it”. This is a track well on its way to becoming a staple on every club DJ’s playlist. Also, how about the killerrrr music video!


Magnets – Disclosure feat. Lorde

It would be hard to forget how good Disclosure’s set at Rhythm and Vines was back in December, but how about the pair’s other New Zealand connection? One of the world’s favourite Kiwi’s, Lorde, featured on Disclosure’s Caracal album in 2015. Magnets moved away from Disclosure’s typical tech house vibe and teased at what was to come in terms of their more pop-focused music. It’s probably a song you haven’t heard on the airwaves in a wee while, but it will sure bring the memories back.


Omen – Disclosure feat. Sam Smith

The Lawrence brother’s and Sam Smith must get along pretty well because Omen was the result of their third collaboration together. After all, they do share the same manager! Omen is all about a love story gone wrong. So if you and your lover are going through a bit of a rough time at the moment, let Disclosure act as mediators, turn Omen up loud, and all your issues will be solved.


Tondo – Disclosure feat. Eko Roosevelt


Tondo might be a Disclosure track that you haven’t heard yet or may have missed out on entirely. It was released in February this year, on a five-track EP labelled Ecstasy. Cameroonian artist Eko Roosevelt features on this one, which gives off some maaaad 80s disco/African music vibes. Wondering what the chorus says? Well “Tondoho mba, tondoho mba, mbwiya ami a léma o” uses several different African dialects, but translates to “l love me, love me, friend of my heart”. Awww, now that’s wholesome.


F For You – Disclosure feat. Mary J. Blige


F For You is a song that shows off Disclosure’s diversity, and how talented they are at creating modern music using the vocals of legendary artists. Mary J. Blige was a mega-star in the 90s and early 2000s, with her iconic hip-hop/R&B tracks like Be Without You, or Family Affair becoming anthems of that era. This song came out on Disclosure’s debut album, Settle, back in 2014. Like so much of their other music, F For You remains to be timeless, six years on from its release.


Talk – Khalid feat. Disclosure


Talk was the first collaboration between Disclosure and Khalid, but as we now know, it definitely wasn’t the last (you’ll read more about that later). The brothers put their music production hats on for this one, taking a step away from their usual go-to sound, to produce a track suitable for airplay right around the world. It peaked at number one on our charts and finished the year off as the eight biggest song of 2019 in the United States. Khalid talked to Kiwi, Zane Lowe from Apple Music about the song where he shared he “…loves Disclosure so much, and they were on my wish list of people I wanted to collaborate with since I started music.” What a trio, Disclosure probably felt the same way about working with Khalid.


Help Me Lose My Mind – Disclosure feat. London Grammar

Disclosure bought on the vocals of Hannah Reid, from English indie pop band London Grammar for this one. It’s one that you can definitely listen to while you’re drifting off to sleep, slaving away at some study or even one to finish your Saturday night off (in the very early hours of Sunday morning). Sit back and relax to this one.


You & Me – Disclosure (Flume Remix)

You & Me is one of the original tracks that put Disclosure on the map, which is completely understandable. It’s still a huge banger that gets the crowd pumping at all the largest festivals across the globe. However, many people wouldn’t have heard Disclosure’s original version of this song! Flume’s addition to You & Me isn’t just a remix, it’s a full reworking. Prepare to be WOWed when you hear the difference.


Know Your Worth – Khalid & Disclosure


In an era full of sad, depressing, down buzz pop music – ‘Know your Worth’ is a refreshing R&B/Electro track. Right throughout the song, Khalid repeats the lyrics “gotta keep your head up”. Released at the end of March this year, COVID-19 was beginning to cause an absolute ruckus. Khalid and Disclosure truly chose the best time to release this one for people to enjoy during, and post those difficult lockdown months.


Latch – Disclosure feat. Sam Smith


We couldn’t miss this one out. When Latch was released in 2012, Disclosure and Sam Smith were both relatively unknown artists. Well, look at them now. Like so many of Disclosure’s other songs, listening to Latch now, is just as good as it was eight years ago. It’s still on our playlists, and that catchy intro will continue to provide for years, and generations to come.


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