Since arriving on the scene back in 2015 with the traction gained from their debut hit, ‘ilysb’, LANY has been delivering consistent tunes to their ever increasing fan base. Growing and evolving through genres of dream pop, alternative rock, or straight pop goodness, one thing you can always count on LANY for is their emotive & honest songs that always speak to the heart. Here we look at some of LANY’s quintessential tracks over the last five years in anticipation of their third album, ‘Mama’s Boy’ set for release in 2020.


Ilysb (2015) 

For OG fans, ‘ilysb’ is where it all started. This synth-infused pop number is the SoundCloud hit that shot them into stardom. Romantic, addictive, and dreamy, this love song captured the quintessential LANY sound.



Embracing their space as the sound of the millennial generation in the alternative pop scene, ‘WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS’ is a relatable shout into the void. The song is all about a coexisting sense of connection and loneliness thanks to the internet, especially in a place as big as California that both entices and bores the bands’ lead muso, Paul Klein.


pink skies (2016)

Taken from their ‘kinda’ EP, ‘pink skies’ is the ultimate hedonistic love song that’ll make you feel like you’re young and in love on the Coast of California. With sparkling synths and a high energy chorus, ‘pink skies’ is a beautiful comparison of the colours of Klein’s favourite West Coast sunsets and his lover. Consider it the sequel to ‘ilysb’.


Good Girls (2017) 

The first single off their debut album, you know this track is going to be good. Dishing on the broken-hearted pop anthem, Paul Klein said “’Good Girls’ addresses the emotions of disappointment and unmet expectations battling against unconditional love and second/infinite chances”.


Super Far (2017) 

Premiering on Zane Lowe’s prestigious Beats 1 Radio Show, ‘Super Far’, set the tone for their lovestruck debut. Continuing the narrative of the perils of the one-sided relationship, ‘Super Far’ contrasts Klein’s realisation his love is better spent elsewhere with one hell of a chorus. Klein’s complicated relationship made for a fantastic tune, remaining one of their most popular tracks to date.


13 (2017)

As one of LANY’s first heavy-hearted singles, ‘13’ saw Paul Klein reflecting on a relationship that has inevitably passed its due date. Klein penned the mellow guitar riff when he was just 18, and nearly ten years on tidied the instrumental up with the help of his bandmates and paired with lyrics all in the course of one day, hence the songs name – it all came together on July 13th.


Thru These Tears (2018) 

A pop ballad with a fragile heart, ‘Thru These Tears’ was the debut single from their sophomore record ‘Malibu Nights’ that reflected their new and refined sound as they entered their new album phase. Heartbroken yet hopeful, ‘Thru These Tears’ captures the essence of the ‘Malibu Nights’ era.


Malibu Nights (2018)

A change in direction for the group, the title track and final song of their sophomore album garnered a new wave of fans with Klein’s raw lyrics and minimal production. A fan favourite, ‘Malibu Nights’ is an emotional piano-driven ballad that showcases some of Klein’s best song writing. The entirety of the ‘Malibu Nights’ track list was  written over a 50 day period following a public breakup between front man Paul Klein & pop star Dua Lipa, and ‘Malibu Nights’ is the result of Klein’s cathartic creativity during this time.


good guys (2020) 

If good girls don’t exist, then good guys never win. One of their latest singles ‘Good Guys’ is the follow up to 2017’s ‘Good Girls’, with Klein now struggling to play it appear nonchalant to make sure he’s playing his cards right when it comes to love. Diving deeper into this, Klein revealed, “As soon as you say ‘I love spending time with you’ to someone, they figure something out and they’re not interested anymore… It’s like a challenge. You accomplish the task of getting someone to like you and they move on.” The wholesome southern gentleman aspect of the song comes to life through the music video, filled with beautiful panoramas of sunsets, landscapes, and of course, horses.

LANY’s highly anticipated third album, ‘Mama’s Boy’ is set for release in 2020, so keep your ears out for more LANY goodness coming our way soon.


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