What do you get when you mix Machine Gun Kelly’s friend list with loads and loads of creativity? Absolute bangers for us to enjoy and play on repeat. And there certainly have been a few. From pop punk royalty to pop queens, we list the best times MGK joined forces with another star.


‘forget me too’ – Halsey

“You want me to forget you. Okay, forget me too.” – Loaded with reverence for the pop-punk genre, ‘forget me too’ stands as one of ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ most memorable tracks. Halsey’s signature vocals feel right at home atop punchy 2000s inspired production from Blink 182’s Travis Barker and combine with MGK’s ear for catchy hooks to create pure pop-punk gold.


‘my ex’s best friend ’ – blackbear

MGK’s punk-fuelled collaboration with blackbear ‘my ex’s best friend’ is a clear standout on ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ and encompasses MGK’s recent embrace for melodic pop-punk tunes with ear-wormy choruses. Can’t forget about the epic video either, has to be one our fave vids from 2020!


‘Bad Things’ – Camila Cabello

The 2016 hit rose to the top of the charts with a catchy chorus (sung by Cabello) that wormed its way into everybody’s head, and punchy rap verses from MGK that seemed to really mix into the pop world well. An unlikely duo, but one that exceeded everyone’s expectations massively. Aiming to be an ‘edgy love song,’ the single took a look at modern love and all the good and bad that goes along with it. And the music video was such a movie that we’re still not over it. Here’s hoping the two make some more music together in the future.


‘I Think I’m OKAY’ – Travis Barker, Yungblud

The hit single from MGK’s fourth album Hotel Diablo played a lot like long-lost brothers reuniting, whipping up a song and it being the most natural and ‘oh, duh’ thing you’ve ever heard. We don’t know if we could name a better collaboration ever. Two stars redefining pop punk with a pop punk veteran? It just doesn’t get any better than that. Touching on substance abuse and personal demons, Yungblud and MGK search deep within themselves and make a party out of their emotions. And according to MGK, Yungblud freestyled and recorded his verse in just ten minutes!


‘At My Best’ – Hailee Steinfeld

Taking a page out of the successful book that was ‘Bad Things,’ MGK enlisted the help of another pop queen to make an anthem for the haters. The 2017 hit featured Steinfeld crooning on the chorus with MGK delivering a rap about never giving up and fighting to get your dream, and it was deliciously catchy. The pair’s voices meshed well together, and they shared an emotional turmoil that made the music video that much more captivating.

‘Candy’ – Trippie Redd

Another smash off Hotel Diablo, the single acts as a trap-meets-TV-jingle all about the love for drugs. Obviously. But when it’s sugar-coated (pun intended) under a candy metaphor, it’s a lot more fun. Ohio rapper Trippie Redd joins him to create a duo so 2019 it’s impossible not to love. Oh, and BFF Pete Davidson appears in the music video too.

‘Trap Paris’ – Quavo, Ty Dolla $ign

The punchy hit off bloom depicts a wild night out in Paris and has all the lavish tropes that would entail, including the features of Quavo and Ty Dolla $ign. Arguably one of the best beats MGK’s ever had, this tune is infectious, kind of funny, and overall just a total mood booster. It’s one of the best collabs MGK has done in the hip-hop world, and it’s a nice reminder that even as he steps into new genres, he’ll always have a home with his trap buddies.


‘emo girl’ – WILLOW

Teaming up with another hot act in the modern pop punk scene, WILLOW and MGK make a smash about falling in love with, you guessed it, an emo girl. With its catchy chorus reminiscent of early 2000s pop punk and references to his fiancé Megan Fox’s iconic character in Jennifer’s Body (the track opens with her quote “I am a god”), the tune is a fantastic culmination of the y2k nostalgia that’s making a comeback. ‘emo girl’ is the first single off his upcoming album Mainstream Sellout out March 25.


Machine Gun Kelly’s latest single ‘emo girl’ ft. WILLOW is out now.



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