When she isn’t busy working as a costume stylist and selling vintage threads on Depop, Auckland native Kiki Rockwell is working on ways to make you feel something ethereal. Soaked in a sunlit, folksy haze, the 20-something rising star already has quite the following on social media, with over 3 million people admiring her cosplay folklore and intimate song snippets on TikTok. But really, she’s only just getting started.


@kikibabyrockwellAvengers assemble but it’s all Kikis. #femaleproducer #singersongwriter #fantasy #darkacademia #cottagecore #lgbtqi #witchtok #feminist #avengers #nz♬ original sound – Kikibabyrockwell

Previously, Rockwell provided vocals and keys for Mt. Maunganui-born band The Leers, joining the group of four for their 2020 album The Only Way Out Is In and scoring the opening spot for L.A.B over the summer. She’s since headed along the solo path, embarking on a new journey that combines her angelic, mellow voice with a mythical aesthetic. From folk harmonies and eerie instrumentation, to literally crafting a song in German, Rockwell is bringing a fresh breath of air into NZ’s musical landscape and doing it on her own demands.


Her debut single ‘Left for Dead’, a slinky track that touches on an estranged lover, was released only a week ago and the music video (produced and styled by Rockwell herself) has already made quite the impression. Following equestrian Mark Weedon through a dark, enchanting lens, the power Rockwell brings is captivating and sets the stage for the fairy tale that’s about to unfold as she gears up to launch her highly anticipated debut EP Bleeding Out In A Forest November 5.



There’s A Tuesday – Baby Blue


New single ‘Same Old Energy’ has a feminist fist in the air that invites women to embrace their power and sexuality. With a bewitching music video that sees Rockwell and her girl crew transported to a more pagan time, the attention to detail she brings to everything she touches is truly unmatched. From costume design to the overall vision, Rockwell has her finger on the trigger for all of it. Earning over 5000 views in just one day on YouTube, ‘Same Old Energy’ is only the beginning of this star’s breakthrough.

Combining her passion for cinematography and art with her love for music, everything Rockwell does is deliberate, and it’s clear to see the world she’s curating. A magnificent hodgepodge of all things mythological, the rising star is set to become larger than life. So, do us a favour, and enter Rockwell’s realm yourself. You have no idea the magic that awaits.


Kiki Rockwell’s debut EP ‘Bleeding Out In A Forest’ arrives earthside November 5 and is available to pre-save here.


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