For someone who’s been making them since age 14, it’s fair to say Conan Gray knows a thing or two about YouTube videos. Specifically, how to make really great ones. Whether he’s showing us his monthly faves, delicately covering a hit song or dishing out a steaming hot plate of advice, he’s doing it in the most pastel and aesthetic way possible. Which might be why we, along with 1.7 million others, just can’t stop watching.

While he’s now shifted into creating music videos rather than thrift hauls, we still love to remember where the 21-year-old started. Here are some of our favourite videos from the ex-YouTube star.


1. ‘Draw My Life (For 100,000)’

Incorporating some of our favourite Conan things, art, personality, and one great life story, we love the ‘Draw My Life’ video the star did to celebrate reaching 100,000 (aww) subscribers. Over cute doodles, Conan explains his life right from birth until who he was in 2016, sharing stories of divorce, constantly moving, and the struggles of high school. It’s even more special to watch it now, with Conan not even knowing of the huge musical success coming his way.


2. ‘Lana Del Rey – Video Games’

Did somebody say dreamiest cover ever? Oh, that was us. We love Conan’s covers. He always delivers a perfect rendition of every song, changing the background of his video each time to cater to that forever aesthetic. Everything about this video is beautiful, right from the pink saturated colour to Conan’s euphoric vocals. As impossible as it is to outdo Lana Del Rey at her own song, Conan just might come pretty close. Not to mention those 3 million views!


3. ‘July Favs 🍊 (Music, Clothes, Shows)’

One of many recurring videos for his channel that showcase Conan’s favourite things for each month. A simple concept but there’s just something about watching the star in his perfectly decorated room showing us his latest style picks and letting us know what he’s listening to so we can be exactly like him please. This was sadly the last one we got but here’s hoping Conan whips one up for 2020?


4. ‘College Orientation Week ⏰ (Vlog.21)’

It’s always fun watching the shenanigans of someone else’s life but Conan always manages to make his look like a total movie. No matter what totally mundane thing he’s doing, we couldn’t be more jealous. Using his classic pink tint, Conan takes us through his daily activities of starting college in LA and we’re suddenly wishing to go back to school?


5. ‘🌷 i’m a girly boy and i don’t care (kinda) 🌷’

Above all, our most favourite Conan vids are the ones where he just sits down and talks directly to us, making us feel as though we’re old friends sharing a bowl of ice cream over gossip. In this video, Conan paints his nails while discussing the topic of masculinity and his own self-expression and identity. In a sea of many great advice videos he’s done, this just might be the best, most honest and most Conan.



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