When Conan Gray isn’t creating a magically aesthetic dream, he’s being hella funny on Twitter. Chances are you’ve seen some of the star’s tweets floating around despite not knowing who he is, and you’ve cackled at the relatable and hilarious nature of them. If you too want to spark this reaction in others, here are some of our fave Conan tweets to quote for your next Insta and roll in all the likes.


When Instagram openly tried to ruin his life


When he summed up who he is as an artist

When he said what we’re all constantly thinking

When he did it again


When he so poetically portrayed the frustration of modern romance


When he shared his sorrow with NZ as a whole



There’s A Tuesday – Baby Blue



When he gave a perfect reason for not responding to your text


When he discovered his self-worth


When he made a formal announcement


And finally, when he stayed humble and ever so grateful


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