It’s bittersweet. Today we have been gifted 12 tracks from the recently passed, world famous yet incredibly media-shy 28 year old that transcended turn tables and produced the beat of our generation. Our favourite Grammy nominated Swedish DJ, Avicii, real-name Tim Bergling, known for ‘Wake Me Up’, ‘Hey, Brother, ‘Levels’, ‘Without You’ and many others, left behind unfinished music when he left this world. His producers have continued working on the tracks in his memory and have named the globally awaited posthumous album – ‘TIM.’


I’ll freely admit Avicii’s unique fusion of beats have accompanied myself on everything from long distance running when I’m in need of circuitry-based musical distraction, to wicked roadies, to a big Friday night out. We can agree he truly made country and folk palatable for a mainstream audience, whatever the occasion.

Beginning his work at 16, Avicii began touring at 18, filling sold out clubs and arenas. He has worked with artists such as Madonna, Coldplay, David Guetta, Adam Lambert, Leona Lewis, Rita Ora, Robbie Williams and more, creating music that brought people together with timeless memories from all over the world.

It was found when he passed away that Avicii left behind texts, recordings and demo notes about the new album he’d started to create. His songwriters and producers have been working together, piecing together all the different parts to complete his vision and honour his memory. His family are in complete support of sharing his work, and have announced the making of a charity, the Tim Bergling Foundation, that will support mental health and suicide prevention.

In the 12 hours before album release, a video was uploaded to Avicii’s YouTube channel for each track on the album, telling the story behind it’s inception and how it came to be. The video below is about the first single released from the album, featuring long time collaborator and friend of Avicii – Aloe Blacc.


Now that the album is finally out into the world, fans everywhere can once again enjoy the truly unique sounds of a unique music producer that pioneered a generation.