Becky Hill’s latest album Believe Me Now? is a thunderous EDM collection that absolutely demands your attention. Making a name for herself as a competitor on The Voice UK, as well as featuring on hits with acts like Tiesto and David Guetta, Becky Hill’s complicated release history all culminates in this triumphant victory lap of an album.

Telling NME magazine that “I don’t need to downplay myself or my abilities because I finally believe in myself”, Becky is all about self-confidence and finding the joy in life across Believe Me Now?. Her incredibly powerful vocals blend beautifully into the forty-five minute collection of almost non-stop dancefloor beats. There’s an old school flavour to the sound, with clear influences from Europop, 80s synth pop and house.

As always, Becky’s strongest ability is her impressive vocal, making every song thunderous and cinematic. The big pre-release tracks like ‘Disconnect’ and ‘Side Effects’ are all high-intensity bangers, and excellent tastemakers for how the full collection feels. ‘Outside of Love’ feels particularly heartfelt in its explosive summer pop sound, nostalgic to the early 2010s EDM craze. ‘Multiply’ offers up lyrics that see Becky going back to the raves in her sleep, over a driving bassline and a shuddering wordless hook that builds to a climax nightclubs will clamour for.




And beneath the glossy production, Believe Me Now? also deals with tougher themes of insecurity and personal pain. Whilst the opener ‘True Colours’ throws us right into the house party vibe, an electric track playing with melodic dissonance over a pumping beat, its lyrics dive into sexual assault and society’s reluctance to believe victims. Even though this painfully real topic simmers with emotion and discomfort, ‘True Colours’ also serves as an empowerment anthem, a moment of catharsis about becoming bigger than the bad experiences we’ve been through.

Similarly, the album’s concept of courage plays into songs like ‘Lonely Again’ and ‘Never Be Alone’, the latter of which Becky released amidst her first visit to New Zealand earlier this year. These tunes explore finding confidence in your identity and supporting others in that same journey. Just the same, Becky asks for that support back on the haunting ‘Darkest Hour’. Its string arrangement and sultry vocal brings to mind the early work of Dua Lipa, with a buzzing post-chorus drop that takes us into Halloween-like territory.




Amongst the nearly endless upbeat material, Becky Hill does a complete 180 for the highlight ‘Man of My Dreams’. This song is a delicate piano ballad which shows off her light, dreamy falsettos and romantic storytelling to a heavenly degree. Becky’s spectacular breath control and range are on full display, emphasising the talent she honed in on working with Jessie J during her days on The Voice UK. ‘Man of My Dreams’ is a stark reminder of how versatile Becky truly is, able to slide naturally into seemingly any sound.

‘Linger’ also stands out from the pack. It’s a surprisingly simplistic trance record produced by Latroit and Mark Ralph. Slick and polished to perfection, the track instrumentally creates the feeling of finding love all around, as Becky’s washed-out vocals create a glittering dreamscape that feels like flying.

Believe Me Now? also features plenty of big names guest-starring alongside Becky Hill, from Self Esteem and Lewis Thompson to Sonny Fodera and Chase & Status. One of the best collaborations is ‘One Track Mind’, a sweeping, sexy track with unexpected melodic twists. This is made all the more magical by the chemistry between Becky and her singing partner RILEASA. The collaboration was born from a chance meeting at a promotional party, where Becky Hill fell in love with the drag queen and decided to platform her on the sultry house-inspired song. There’s a real tension and chemistry between the pair that will keep listeners coming back for more.

Even in its final moments, Believe Me Now? never lets up the energy. Later tracks like ‘Back Around’ see Becky explore a deeper, masculine sound before blossoming into fierce, soaring highs in its pre-chorus, over thrashing pianos and whirring percussion. Finally, the colourful closer ‘Right Here’ sees Becky promise her music as the reason we’ll “Never be alone”. This emphasis on community is a classic fit for the project’s club sound, reminding us of the many long-lasting friendships there are to be found out on the dancefloor.

If you haven’t yet seen the light of Becky Hill, you’d better believe her now that she’s the real deal. Only two albums into her career, this record is out now and ready to blast at full volume, as you hear this budding singer-songwriter find exactly who she is through the power of music.