After dropping her first single ‘Call You Out’ on July 10th with an accompanying video shot entirely by her during lockdown, deryk has followed up by doing the same for her newest release ‘One Star’.

The haunting new single ‘One Star’, which explores themes of loss and discovery, is visualised by the its shadowy music video –  also created, shot and directed by deryk during lockdown.


This was the second music video I made at home during lockdown with limited supplies. I discovered the footage of this man on film supply & shot the rest at home. I like how weak he looks but how triumphant he seems. Whether it’s physical or mental, betrayal can be very isolating – processing it all whilst others judge you for not recovering in 2 minutes. When you’re alone in your thoughts for too long it’s so easy to start playing reruns of old memories & conversations you wish you never had. This video was me playing out an interpretation of that idea. I’ve typed too much now but I hope you enjoy. Take what you will.


Check out both videos below.



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