renforshort (also known as Lauren Isenburg, or ‘Lauren for long’), has made waves in the music industry at just 17 years old with her infectious personality and alt-pop tracks like ‘waves’ and ‘mind games’. Recently the Canadian artist has shown another side of herself with her new rock-influenced single ‘idrivememad’ about her experience with anxiety off her debut EP ‘teenage angst’. We take a deep dive into the IG of the fresh-faced cool gal of 2020.


She started out with covers on the internet

Like a lot of the up and coming big names, renforshort made a name for herself belting out show-stopping covers of everything from Labrinth’s ‘Jealous’ to the Lana Del Rey & Sean Ono Lennon collaboration ‘Tomorrow Never Came’. It’s no surprise it wasn’t long till she started releasing her own tracks that she’s been working on since she was thirteen.


Her debut song was called ‘Waves’

Ren made waves herself when she put out her debut single. ‘waves’ is a minimal pop nostalgic filled track that details the struggles of being vulnerable in a relationship. It was the right song to start her discography with as it caught worldwide attention.


Singing isn’t her only creative talent

She is a lady of many creative talents, one of which is being able to draw. Ren revealed her hidden talent when she shared a picture on Instagram of a gorgeous portrait in the making – what can’t this girl do?!


She’s signed with Geffen Records

The Toronto newcomer sealed the deal for herself when she was signed to a major label, Geffen Records, who’ve helped her with her debut EP and tracks released late 2019. After the release of ‘waves’, and the rest is history.


Not to mention, she’s on Zane Lowe’s radar

ren is just getting started. Her tongue in cheek track ‘New Way’ was quickly picked up by Zane Lowe for his ‘world’s first play’ segment on Beats 1, giving the young star another global platform to share her creative genius.

renforshort is a Lewis Capaldi fan girl

ren has been brushing shoulders with the big names, so it’s no surprise she had a fangirl moment when she met British singer Lewis Capaldi. While she may have been a little scared to ask for a picture, she settled for a casual pic in front of him. Nailed it, ren!



Gifting fans with a little teaser of her EP before it arrived on Friday via her Instagram, and it certainly gave a taste of what awesomeness fans can expect from ‘teenage angst’. 2020 is renforshort’s year, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.