You probably know the name of this effortlessly cool Kiwi teen, and if not you’ve definitely had the bass line of her hit ‘Soaked’ stuck in your head at least once. With over 25 million plays on ‘Soaked’ and a hit EP ‘FIRE ON MARZZ’ already under her belt, there’s no stopping this girl. 


For those who haven’t listened to her fantastic debut ‘FIRE ON MARZZ’, Benee’s (born Stellar Bennet) musical style could be described as indie-pop, with a dreamy-cool vibe coming through her hazy production and captivating basslines. In combination with her bouncy pop hooks, Benee represents a new wave of New Zealand musicians and marks a new era of pop music. 


The six tracks on her debut EP ‘FIRE ON MARZZ’ showcase the diversity of her sound and capability as an artist already. Beneath the poppy production on the cunning ‘Evil Spider’ or the hurt on the woeful ‘Want Me Back’, her lyrics are consistently thought-provoking and reveal her natural instinct for song writing. 



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Recently expanding her discography, Benee has just shared her latest track ‘Find An Island’. The boppy number is a song that’ll have you tapping your foot to the beat by the time it concludes. Speaking on the musical inspiration behind it, Benee has said that she wrong the song about her best friend after a disagreement they had – referencing those times when you feel like you hate your friend but really, you still love them. 



Stepping out of just the music and into the big picture, Benee has also adopted what she calls ‘Beneevision’ – the idea that all creative work coming out of the Benee project is part of one big cohesive piece of artwork. This includes everything from her tour posters and merchandise to her quirky music videos which she has collaborated with several different creatives on. Sitting with an Instagram following of 38.5k, this is where the teen can be found most active online with her refreshing and down to earth content.


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Benee has already made waves overseas, playing headline shows in New York, Los Angeles, London, and more. Jet setting across the world for sessions with different producers and also about to depart for another string of North America shows, the nineteen-year-old has had a big year that is merely laying the foundations for an even greater 2020. Benee will be jumping on board the Summer festival circuit, gracing the Laneway 2020 line up for the second year in a row. With new music and new shores on the horizon, Benee has caught the heart of New Zealanders & the rest of the world is quickly following suit. Watch this space.