Maggie Rogers had the start to fame that most budding musicians would dream of. She was just one of many students turning up to their masterclass at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music with a prepared song they had been required to make for their homework, only this particular day saw musical genius Pharrell Williams as the guest mentor. When Rogers played her early demo of her breakthrough hit ‘Alaska,’ Pharrell was visibly moved; quoting “I have zero, zero, zero notes for that.” The video went viral and threw Rogers into a whirlpool of a record deal, a North American tour, a debut EP, and thousands of fans obsessed with her every move.

(Skip to 18.15 to see Maggie with Pharrell).


It’s not hard to see why the world became so fond of Rogers so quickly. Sure, Pharrell’s musical opinion has never steered us wrong, but there is something just so mesmerizing about Maggie Rogers. She combines elements of dance and R&B to bring a new layer to folk-pop that is simply magnetic, and her authenticity is one that can only be likened to the great Janis Joplin.

Rogers is here to tell stories and she doesn’t rely on her visuals to do so. Her singer/songwriter approach creates images in her listener’s minds that run like filmstrips, each one soaked in beautiful colours and light displays. Like Joni Mitchell, she is a storyteller using the elements of folk as her greatest and most personal tool. Each lyric is an intimate look into her life and her silvery vocals help to take us to each special moment. Listening to Maggie Rogers is an experience, and it’s one you want to replay over and over again.


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Her debut EP Now That the Light Is Fading, released February 17, 2017, is a transitional masterpiece that takes inspiration from the year Rogers spent partying and clubbing in Europe. A long way from the rivers of Easton, Maryland where she grew up, Rogers hasn’t forgotten her roots and instead combined the sounds of both places to create something truly spectacular and unique. It’s a sound that can only be described as Maggie Rogers and perhaps that is why it is so fascinating. Layers and layers of synthesizers and instrumentals and harmonies all combine to tell the perfect story – her story.

At only 24, Rogers has certainly made a name for herself in the industry as being a rising star to watch. She’s different, she’s raw, and she’s unbelievably talented. She’s changing the world one folk-pop anthem at a time and all eyes are definitely on her.

On June 1, 2019 Maggie Rogers will be bringing her magical world to our shores to play a one-off gig at The Powerstation in Auckland. It’ll definitely be a show of a lifetime and you won’t want to miss it. For more information visit Ticketmaster.