It’s been an eventful five years since Matt Corby’s last album Rainbow Valley, with a few singles and collaborations in between. This time, the award-winning singer-songwriter comes back to us with another soothing rendition of his psych-pop, soulful music through his third studio album Everything’s Fine.

Aiming to find his inner peace and give a message of acceptance to his audience, Matt keeps his signature soulful and psychedelic tone throughout the record. Having to go through several hurdles in the past few years, with a flood ravaging his home during the creation of this album, Matt capitalised on his emotions and contemplations into what ended up becoming Everything’s Fine. Corby portrays life’s ups and downs and reflections through his storytelling and lyricism, giving the album a distinct element that makes it unique.

Before Everything’s Fine was released, Matt and his team had released a few tracks, press statements, and video interviews throughout the album’s promotion. This countdown of sorts gave us a sneak peek of what to expect for the 11-track record, and a deeper dive on Matt’s creative process.

“It’s been really rewarding making this music,” Matt says, emphasizing the hard work and effort he and his team put into to create the album. “I’m really proud of this time and of what we did,” he adds.

Here’s what we’ve loved about the album and the journey of its creation:




Months before Everything’s Fine was even confirmed as Matt’s next album, the musician first released the single ‘Problems’ which is a soulful synth groove and very personal track born from an unfortunate situation. With his home becoming victim to a flood that ravaged Queensland late last year, Matt had to deal with the circumstances at hand which became a turning point for him as an artist and a father. This eventually steered the direction for the message he wanted to convey in the album which was to impart the value of resilience and vulnerability. ‘Problems’ is a unique lens that reflects and acknowledges the challenges life throws at you, and about how one carries the burden.





To couple with his album announcement, Matt came out with ‘Reelin’’, a soothing RnB track that tackles romance and commitment. Being the second teaser for the album, ‘Reelin’’ encapsulated the tone the audience would expect for Everything’s Fine. The smooth vocals, riffs, and simple beat gives the song a relaxing vibe that’s simply worth unwinding to. Co-producer Chris Collins had even mentioned that he was coming from a place of love, having gotten into a relationship when composing the song. The track also showcases Matt’s charisma and artistry as well as his flexibility as a musician, and even manned the percussions during the song’s live studio performance.


Big Smoke


As Matt’s final teaser before the album release, ‘Big Smoke’ is a warmer song with simple synth arrangements that grow more intricate throughout the rest of the track. It showcases the trademark technicolour imagery that Matt’s known to paint for his audience. The song, as described by Matt, is a duality of vices by juxtaposing its pleasures and its harms. Simply put, ‘Big Smoke’ is a metaphor for enjoying what you like but knowing that everything has its limitations. With the release of ‘Big Smoke’ also came the long-awaited tour announcement for Everything’s Fine that will kick off in Melbourne on May 22.



For Real


Almost in contrast with the lead single ‘Problems’, ‘For Real’ is on the sadder and melancholic spectrum of the record. It’s a slow and ambient song setting a sentimental mood that’s further heightened by Matt’s delicate baritone. Written with raw honesty, Matt taps into his lyricism with the help of co-producer Nat Dunn as a means to touch the hearts of his audience. While it’s a soulful lament on his trials and tribulations, Matt’s acknowledgement of his struggles and that of the people around him makes him reflect on the brighter side of things.


While Everything’s Fine is one of his most personal albums to date, the release of the record had come with much excitement for Matt and his team. Matt had just wanted to get his message across, going as far to say in his studio interview that it didn’t matter to him if the album wasn’t well-received. Everything’s Fine is a record that he’s never been prouder to release. He’s coined it as work that was rewarding to create.

Everything’s Fine is not an album that’s meant to have catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. It was arranged to be simple. And this simplicity itself has turned the album into a work of art. In the age of streaming, top tracks, banger singles, and mini-albums, Matt Corby comes out with a record worth listening to from start to finish. He brings back the nostalgic freshness of enjoying albums in its entirety.

“I am pumped to do this tour, and I’ve never felt like that before. I’ve never felt so happy to play songs,” Matt says in his studio interview. With his tour brewing in the latter half of May, the Everything’s Fine tour will be something worth catching – hopefully he can make it across our shores!