She has been making waves recently with her collaborations with Kodak Black and R&B darling SZA, but up-and-coming star Doechii is still semi-new to the music scene. Described by her label Top Dawg Entertainment as a ‘multi-hyphenate on her way to becoming the embodiment of pop culture’ this 22 year old is steadily on the rise. A breath of fresh air into the scene, Doechii has already released four EPs, two of which were self released. Having been compared by critics as similar to Nicki Minaj and Azaelia Banks, as well as being described as ‘animated’, Doechii refers to her primary inspirations as powerful women – and she’s on her way to join their ranks.

Born in Tampa, Florida, Doechii grew up doing tap, ballet, gymnastics, acting and cheerleading before getting into music in 2015 and releasing her debut single ‘Girls’ on Soundcloud. She’s previously been known under the name iamdoechii, and that’s the name she released it under. 

Doechii’s first release came in 2019, titled Coven Music Sessions Vol 1 which was then followed by Oh The Places You’ll Go in late 2020 under the label Five 5. Since the start, Doechii has brought an exciting, original spin to her lyricism, with some even calling her song narratives ‘quirky’ – but they flow effortlessly. Backing herself all the way, Oh The Places You’ll Go was entirely self-funded. Rolling Stone called it a electrifying mix of pop, dance and hip-hop – one that was blended together into a stylish flow. Like so many young artists these days, Doechii captured the attention of record labels through a single going viral on social media, primarily Tiktok, with her single ‘Yucky Blucky Fruitcake’ in 2021.



Following, second EP Bra-Less was then released, consisting of ‘Bra-Less’, ‘PMS’, ‘TRUTH’ ‘Shit’ and ‘Girls.’ Bra-Less was perhaps the first project to fully showcase Doechii as an iconoclastic creative in a lane of her own – to the point that simply calling her versatile seems almost reductive and not encompassing enough. Filled with witty, thoughtful raps that resonate with listeners long after the EP’s conclusion, Doechii transitions from sultry to sentimental, from grand-scale raps to trap R&B across its short span. 

2021 also saw her featured on Isaiah Rashad’s ‘Wat U Sed’, which she performed with him on tour, and also became the opening act on SZA’s tour, which marked the beginning of her relationship with the R&B star. There’s no doubt that it was Doechii’s biggest year to that point, and from there it’s only been a continuous, almost meteoric rise.

2022 saw Doechii’s first album under Top Dawg Entertainment, and her collaboration with SZA, a remix of her song titled ‘Persuasive.’ From the album she / her / black bitch, this was possibly one of the most earth-shattering pairings to date to hit the music industry. SZA’s been a hot commodity since CTRL, and anything that she lends her name to has real weight. she / her / black bitch also features pop punk princess Rico Nasty, another strong recruitment added to the growing list. With tight, eccentric lyrics, Doechii emphasizes her power on the five-track album. 



This year has been Doechii’s first at Coachella, and with a tantalizing performance to dedicated festival-goers, it’s once again clear that Doechii is one to continue watching moving forward. In recent months, she’s also released the single ‘What It Is (Block Boy)’ featuring Kodak Black, which premiered at 42 on the US R&B/Hip Hop charts. Furthermore, she’s being increasingly recognised in the award space, having won the Billboard Women in Music Rising Star Award, and scoring a nomination for Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist. 



One thing is certain – 2023 is set to be Doechii’s most stunning year yet. Whether it’s another fiery collaboration or electric performance, the future is bright for Doechii, no matter what it holds.