Off the back of their well-received collab, the triumphant ‘Pray for More’ featuring Mikey Dam, Queensland’s Lisi and our very own MELODOWNZ have kicked off the new instalment of Melo’s ‘Kava Corner’ with some good banter, real s**t and most importantly, a whole lot of kava.

Conveniently dropping on Lisi’s birthday, the fresh ep from Melo’s beloved YouTube series finds the two rappers connecting over their lives, sharing their culture, family, aspirations, and whether they think Jay Z would win in a fight over Andre 3000. While the backdrop may look different (the beloved garage chic has now been swapped for a Pasifika aesthetic); all the usual fan favourites are still there, such as the round of quickfire questions “That Kava Buzz” (which, rather unexpectedly, is brought to us by Scribe) and the way Melo absolutely sinks the kava every time.

But if anyone can keep up with the Auckland rapper, it’s Lisi. A fact that’s been proven not just with his ability to clear the bowl, but with the hard-hitting ‘Pray for More.’ The latest single not only marks a trans-Tasman connection for the two rising stars, but it builds a bond between two brothers who have seen the same side of the playing field. Over knocking 808’s and a sombre piano loop, the two swap verses of resilience, personal hardships, motivation and strength, and the relatability from both is what makes ‘Pray for More’ so powerful.

“I’ve been a fan of the Uso Lisi for a minute and could hear him on the record,” Melo says of the track. “Mikey suggested he would kill it too, so I sent it to the Uso and the rest is history. He killed it with his verse and what he’s talking about is so relevant. I feel a lot of Poly kids are gonna relate to this one.”

Both ‘Pray for More’ and Kava Corner mark the first rumblings MELODOWNZ has made in 2022, bar the brief ‘Hibiki Freestyle’ that was released end of March. Building up to a highly anticipated new album coming this year, our favourite storyteller is already coming at us with a sharper pen, and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.


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