DaBaby is, without a doubt, the hottest rapper on the scene right now. After a massive 2019, ‘Blame it on Baby’ dropped last month, his third album in little more than a year. With 50+ features in recent times, the demand for DaBaby is high. Not only from fans but like-minded artists in the game. Here are some of his best collaborations and features to date.


ROCKSTAR – DaBaby (feat. Roddy Ricch)

Roddy Ricch joined DaBaby on ‘ROCKSTAR’, which is definitely the fan-favourite from the ‘Blame it on Baby’ album. The guitar rhythm overlaying the trap beat gives this track something unique in comparison to the other 13 songs on the record. Lyrics towards the end of the first verse show a different side of DaBaby, where he alludes to an incident in 2018, where he killed a man in self-defence, in front of his baby daughter. Not only did ‘ROCKSTAR’ debut in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in its first week, but it has also become a viral hit on TikTok.

No music video has been released for ‘ROCKSTAR’ yet, but here is a rendition that DaBaby uploaded on his Instagram account, which he filmed with a friend.


Oprah’s Bank Account – Lil Yachty & DaBaby (feat. Drake)

DaBaby was never meant to feature on ‘Oprah’s Bank Account.’ Lil Yachty initially planned for Lizzo to join him on the track. However, she didn’t reply to his messages (we’ve all been in that position…). A few days after producing the record, Lil Yachty met DaBaby at an event, they hung out together and jumped in the studio later that day. DaBaby liked what he heard, Drake felt the same and Oprah’s Bank Account was ‘deposited.’ Ever wondered what Oprah’s thoughts on the song were? In an interview, she apparently said “I love it. I love it. I loveeeeee it! Yes, I love it!” Like Oprah, we love this collab.


TOES – DaBaby (feat. Lil Baby & Moneybagg Yo)

DaBaby released ‘Kirk’ in September last year, which debuted at number one in the album charts – his first-ever. ‘TOES’ was one of the best singles on that release, where he collaborated with Lil Baby for the fourth time, and Moneybagg Yo for their first. The title ‘TOES’ was to symbolise the rise of the three rappers in the hip hop ranks. With toes being at the bottom of the body, the title flexed the trio are on their way up. Who would have thought such a massive track would be called… TOES?


Nasty – DaBaby feat. Megan Thee Stallion  

Look – this one is definitely NSFW…but… it is an absolute tune. The catchy “Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby’ chorus is from a song that Ashanti released waaaay back in 2002. She re-recorded the vocals, especially for this feature!  You may not recognise her name, but you will definitely have heard her song ‘Foolish’. That definitely explains the classic 2000s R&B feel. After the success of ‘Savage’ which continues to make waves on TikTok, Megan Thee Stallion also features on this DaBaby track which is anything but nasty.



Gino October destroys this freestyle at Mai FM




Enemies – Post Malone (feat. DaBaby)

 Post Malone’s ‘Enemies’ is an expression of the betrayal he has faced from so-called friends, after becoming one of the world’s most recognisable artists. Despite Post proving his haters wrong and “laughin’ to the bank”, DaBaby puts out a warning to others, noting he went double-platinum with no features. It would appear Post Malone and DaBaby are more likely to be friends than enemies after this one… I’ll just see myself out.


Life is Good – Future (feat. Drake, DaBaby, Lil Baby)

DaBaby jumped on the official remix of ‘Life is Good’ earlier this year, which was his first collaboration alongside mega-stars Future and Drake. In an interview, DaBaby mentioned that Future was an artist that he studied and looked up to, as “he came up and consistently progressed,” very similar to the position DaBaby is in right now. In this feature, DaBaby makes mention of some past legal issues, even name dropping his lawyer in the middle of the verse.


Pick Up – DaBaby (feat. Quavo)

Quavo linked back up with DaBaby for ‘Pick Up’ on his new album. The Migos member and DaBaby have teamed up before, on ‘Raw Shit’ in September last year. In this track, the two artists talk about their ability to pick up someone else’s girl, whilst showing off their expensive cars, jewellery and lavish lifestyles. Sheesh.


My Oh My – Camilla Cabello (feat. DaBaby)

When you think of an artist like Camilla Cabello, you immediately question whether a collab with a hip hop/trap artist like DaBaby would work on a Latin influenced pop track. ‘My Oh My’ certainly puts those concerns to rest. Cabello’s lyrics have very similar messages to her previous single ‘Havana,’ where she no longer wants to be a “good girl”. As you will see in the video below, DaBaby might just be that bad boy her parents were worried about…

Check out the rest of our favourites here:


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