Avondale MC Melodownz spits rhymes quicker than his smooth melodies and jumps in and out of reggae, hip hop and soul elements. He’s become an urban poet, telling the stories of his hardships and shedding a light on his cultural upbringing. And he does most of it right out of his bedroom.

If you’re not a fan already, let us convince you why you need to know about the West Auckland up-and-comer.


1. He’s gained the attention of J. Cole’s Dreamville

Joining Dreamville rapper Bas for his Auckland show last October, Melodownz brought the heat and proved to be a worthy candidate to share on Dreamville’s Instagram. With a tight connection already seeming to be formed, we’re expecting a collab with J. Cole himself any day now.


2. His latest single features Denzel Curry, but no big deal

During a trip to L.A., Melodownz caught up with Florida-born rapper Denzel Curry and recorded the punchy hit ‘No Mercy.’ The track highlights Melodownz’ resilience and putting your all into any situation. On the big collab with Denzel Curry, Melodownz admitted to Sniffers that it was a trip. “I’ve been a fan of him for a minute, so chopping it up in the studio was crazy.”


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3. Brockhampton are fans

When Brockhampton and Melodownz played Auckland’s FOMO gig earlier this year, the kiwi artist must’ve made quite the impression. Popping up on Brockhampton member Dom’s Twitter the same day was a link to the track ‘8ight 2wenty 8ight’, off the rapper’s debut confessional album Avontales.



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4. His feature on YouTube channel COLORS has ¾ million views

With over four million subscribers, COLORS aim to showcase new and unique musicians from all over the globe. They focus on promoting original and exceptional sounds through videos on their platform, helping to increase artist awareness and keep fans constantly in the loop. Melodownz’ video of him performing his hit ‘$on of a Queen’ off Avontales has raked up over 700,000 views since it dropped in 2017.


5. Oh, he has his own lager and hot sauce too

If spitting rhymes wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Melodownz dipped his fingers into the art of culinary and whipped up his own special lager and hot sauce. Just in time for Christmas, the rapper created ‘Melo’s Not So Melo Hot Sauce’ and ‘Melo Yelo Lager’ and made both available to buy as a bundle through Auckland’s Hallertau Brewery’s website. The bundle has since been removed from the website, but let’s hope we see Melodownz’ creations pop up in supermarkets soon.

Listen to No Mercy (feat. Denzel Curry) and more Melowdownz tracks below.