1174, or @eleven7four via social media handles, are the duo consisting of individuals Muche and Shingi. The pair originate from Zimbabwe, before they emigrated to New Zealand and grew up as Auckland locals.

As familiar faces in the Auckland nightlife scene, 1174 quickly became ones to watch. As the duo developed their style, they gained traction from major media outlet Vice and radio station George FM, as well as landing a set at Raglan’s 2018 Soundsplash festival. Not to mention at the beginning of 2019, they even scored a studio session with legendary producer Just Blaze – setting themselves up for a successful debut.

The duo made waves earlier on in 2019 when they teamed up with Mikey Dam on the track ‘Down for That’ as they started to establish their sound, creating hype around their impending solo debut, ‘Music x Molly’.

Now ‘Music x Molly’ has arrived, aptly so on the 11th of the 4th (clever) and is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Clean and crisp production is complimented by the combination of Muche and Shingi’s vocals – one providing the hard hitting hype verses, the other delivering a melodic hook. Layered trap beats contrasted with piano and harmonies result in a mix of the best of both worlds.

Taking inspiration from their hip hop influences before adding their own glitzy late-night party-lights sound, 1174 have found their niche and created an infectious new sound that is sure to take the world by storm.

Despite only having one track out, with their track record and their own touch of genius in the mix 1174 have sealed themselves as ones to watch in 2019. Keep your eyes peeled for more on 1174, as you’re sure to be hearing more from the audacious duo soon.


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