The ‘Baby Blue’ Video Featuring Chance The Rapper 

Clocking in over 30 million views and counting, this is one of Action Bronson’s most viewed videos – and for good reason. Not only is ‘Baby Blue’ a banger, but the hilarious video contains some Class A Action Bronson moments.


Collaborating with cooking legend Mario Batali 

Inspired by his forthcoming album at the time ‘Mr. Wonderful’, here we see the legendary duo listen to Bronson’s smooth tunes and create delicious pizzas. What’s more, Chef Batali wrote the forward to Action Bronson’s debut book. Now that’s friendship.


Making The World’s Best Sandwich 

Never one to stick to the boundaries when it comes to food, the man of many talents teams up with his good friends at Munchies to create a sandwich that’s out of this world. With over 6 million views, Bronson’s epic take on the humble butcher’s sandwich has achieved legendary status.


His Epic Hot Ones Performance

A beautiful pairing of food and quality entertainment, Hot Ones and Action Bronson was a match made in heaven, and by no surprise was a highly requested guest on the show. Bringing his oddball sense of humour to the table, Sean and Action battle out the heat in the early Hot One’s days. And this just in – he’ll be returning for round two this August 13th.


When He Made The World’s Smallest Chicken Parmesan 

The cooking video you didn’t know you needed. if you haven’t seen it yet then get ready to discover just how satisfying it is to watch Bronson go through the motions of creating, quite literally, the world’s smallest chicken parmesan. It’ll change you.


When Action Turned into Guy Bronson (aka Guy Fieri)

In addition to being a rapper, chef, author, artist, and actor to name a few, one of Action Bronson’s primary ventures is his show ‘**** That’s Delicious’ that details him and his friend’s food adventures across his hometown of New York City and beyond. Just one of the many highlights of the show has to be the cameo appearance of Action Bronson’s alter ego Guy Bronson, who is basically a Guy Fieri Doppelgänger with an Action Bronson twist.


Welcoming His Daughter Into the World

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A moment of appreciation for Action Bronson becoming a dad last November! A wholesome moment captured with his new-born child – a new chapter indeed.


When He Made **** That’s Delicious Ice Creams

Just another reason to love Action Bronson – the man developed his own artisanal range of ice creams. With quirky names like 1000 Pound Gorilla (banana pudding) and My Wife’s Addiction (peanut butter & jelly), these ice creams look and sound delicious. Unfortunately, the gourmet ice creams were limited to the US – but we can dream.


His Inspiring Workout Journey 

2020 is shaping up for Action, quite literally, as he has embarked on a transformative weight loss journey. Keeping the gym content coming on his Instagram, he revealed he’s lost nearly ninety pounds in the last few months. Go Action!


The ‘Latin Grammys’ Music Video

His most recent music video, ‘Latin Grammys’ is truly a piece of art. Action Bronson turns into a professional bodybuilder as he time travels to take part in the 1995 Strongest Man Competition, and has a lot of fun as his Icelandic alter ego. Check out the video to gauge the full scope of hilariousness.


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