BROODS: Space Island

New Album out Feb 18, 2022

Space Island is an exploration of grief and all its many dimensions: its unpredictable nature and refusal to follow any linear path, its incredible capacity to bring great clarity and transformation. The album came to life during a period of serious upheaval for lead vocalist Georgia.

“One thing about the experience of grief is that it makes you feel like you’re a bit out of orbit, or isolated in a very big feeling,” says Georgia. “The more we figured out the strange logic of Space Island, the more the music started to reflect what was happening in the lyrics.”

In sculpting the forward-thinking yet nostalgic sound of Space Island, BROODS mostly worked on their own in their home studio, occasionally joining forces with friends/producers like Leroy Clampitt (Ashe, FLETCHER) and Stint (MØ, Gallant). Crystallized in a gorgeous constellation of sonic details – otherworldly beats, swooning guitar tones, effervescent synth lines – the album emerged from a period of unbridled experimentation that involved abundant use of Caleb’s newly purchased Farfisa organ. Caleb names playfully inventive artists such as Danger Mouse and Gorillaz among his key touchstones in the album’s production. On one of the tracks the duo’s long-time collaborator, Tove Lo, joins in with her luminous vocal work.

Album Track List

  1. Goodbye World, Hello Space Island
  2. Piece Of My Mind
  3. Heartbreak
  4. Distance And Drugs
  5. I Keep (feat. Tove Lo)
  6. Like A Woman
  7. Gaslight
  8. Days Are Passing
  9. Alien
  10. If You Fall In Love