Houston singer-songwriter d4vd (pronounced “David”) has made massive waves online recently, with viral hits like ‘Romantic Homicide’ and ‘Here With Me’ proving he’s the perfect emotive, exciting voice for the new generation. As d4vd’s star is sure to rise and more music is on the way, here are 10 things you’ll want to know about this thrilling up-and-comer!


He’s a gamer


d4vd happily admits his first and greatest love, even greater than music, is playing video games. In fact, Fortnite is the reason he makes music in the first place. He grew an immense following of over fifty thousand followers to his gaming channel during his early teens. But after a series of copyright strikes for using other people’s songs over his Fortnite montages, d4vd’s mother suggested he try his hand at original music instead. That gamer mindset runs right through his work, with heartfelt tracks like ‘Placebo Effect’ even cheekily nodding to his Fortnite background with double-meaning lyrics like “I can’t take a loss like that again”.


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He’s his own producer


With no access to a studio or production set-up, d4vd originally started making music in his sister’s closet, the only space quiet enough in his home to record from. Many of his melodies are written over free samples through the amateur production app Bandlab, including his first hit ‘Romantic Homicide’. The song climbed all the way to #33 on the Billboard Hot 100, despite being entirely recorded on an iPhone!


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He’s influenced by anime and manga


An avid fan of series like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer, d4vd’s love for Japanese media heavily influences his music. His visuals and language adopt its high fantasy scenarios and violent affairs, but the serious narratives of relationships and identity ground his lyrics. It all makes for songwriting that feels emotionally high-stakes, yet still relatable and genuine.



He doesn’t conform to genre


When you play a d4vd song, you never know what you’re going to get. Blending elements of every genre under the sun, from surf rock, trap and R&B to acoustic folk, alt pop and experimental dance, no particular term can define his sound. He describes it as “genre dysphoria”, or simply the “d4vd genre”. Instead of fitting into predetermined boxes, d4vd lets the music speak for itself, and trusts the people who need it will find it.




His music can be elusive


d4vd’s musical history is often hard to track. His 2022 EP ‘The Hoodstar Diary’ only lasted on streaming platforms for a few months and is now inaccessible, and much of his older gaming-related content has vanished from the internet. Even with new music, d4vd can be shifty, frequently teasing snippets with no definitive release dates. However, it seems certain an album is on its way soon, as d4vd has built the hype so high, he can’t stay on the low much longer!




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He’s a film buff


With a strong love for cinema, it’s no wonder d4vd’s music is so visually motivated. Classic films like Donnie Darko, 500 Days of Summer and even the animated Pixar hit Up are some of d4vd’s favourites. It’s easy to see the inspiration in the intense storytelling of emotive tracks like ‘Dirty Secrets’ and ‘Bleed Out’.




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His songwriting is largely fictional


At only seventeen years old, d4vd’s songs cover heavy themes of heartbreak and loss that he confesses he’s never actually been through. He believes songwriting prepares him to face those experiences when they truly come. Often, his songs begin as poems, inspired by strangers he sees and imagines the backstories of, to finish their stories through song.



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He grew up in the church


d4vd’s spiritual background is vital to his music. Growing up homeschooled, his first exposure to music outside of the church was hearing Lil Pump’s ‘Gucci Gang’ on a bus in his mid-teens. His gospel and choral background taught him many vocal techniques which he now blends with modern pop tendencies. Religious themes also frequently appear in his songwriting, such as his heavenly ode to the end of the world ‘Take Me To The Sun’.




His mainstream influences are expansive


After his introduction to mainstream music beyond gospel, d4vd fell in love with classic artists like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. He cites XXXTentacion as a personal favourite, for his sonic reinvention of older music for new audiences. Gaming videos also introduced d4vd to beloved indie acts such as The Neighbourhood, Wallows and Arctic Monkeys, whose moody vocals draw close comparisons to d4vd’s own mysterious, expressive voice.



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His own tour was his first ever concert


Signed to Darkroom and Interscope Records before even graduating high school, d4vd’s true introduction to the live music scene was his own debut tour, ‘The Root of It All’. Taking him through Houston, Los Angeles, London and New York City, hitting the stage before ever being part of a crowd is certainly an unforgettable way to start a career in music, and it’s clear there’ll be many more shows to come!




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