Whether you’ve stumbled across her infinite viral TikToks, discovered her as the face of the “oh naur!” Australian accent meme, or been bopping to her hit single ‘Josh’ for years, chances are you know Peach PRC. She’s a self-described “manic dream pixie”, frequently found dressed head to toe in pink and pouring her heart out through her vulnerable pop music. In celebration of her recently released debut EP, here’s everything you need to know about this rising internet sensation.


1. Her artist name comes from working as a stripper

Born Sharlee Jade Curnow in 1997, and going by the name Shaylee in her personal life, the stage name Peach PRC was originally used as an alias during her time as a stripper. Peach left home in her mid-teens and began dancing in clubs before her music could pay the bills. The name Peach paid homage to both her favourite colour, and her favourite character from the Mario video game series, Princess Peach. PRC originally stood for Porcelain, a snappy alliterative addition, which she eventually abbreviated online to make her name faster to type.




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2. She has synesthesia

Peach PRC’s highly visual music is all the more enhanced by her experience with synesthesia, the sensation of associating colours with other senses that would not normally connect. For instance, Peach mentally pictures the colours her music sounds like. It’s no wonder she loves pink so much! Her early single ‘Colourblind’ toys with this, lyrically cycling through each colour of the rainbow to describe a relationship meeting a bittersweet end.




3. Her music is Paris Hilton-approved

One of Gen-Z’s favourite celebrities, Paris Hilton granted Peach her seal of approval on multiple occasions. Peach’s single ‘Perfect For You’ samples two of Paris’s hits, ‘Stars are Blind’ and ‘Nothing In This World’, spinning the songs into a queer love story for the modern age. Upon the song’s release, Paris dueted her on TikTok to prove she knew every word, and in response, Peach left easter eggs in her music videos celebrating Paris’s pop culture impact. The love between these two icons is mutual!


@parishilton #duet with @peachprc 💓Loves it🫶🏼 Show me your Stars Are Blind covers and I’ll duet my favorites 🥰✨💖 🎶 #StarsAreBlind ♬ Perfect For You – Peach PRC


4. She’s a short film creator

The Manic Dream Pixie EP accompanies Peach’s short film debut of the same name. It’s an autobiographical collection of moments through Peach’s life. From growing up in a troubled home seeking a role model to make it better, to transforming into the fairy princess pop star her inner child needed. Alongside plenty of emotional moments, a standout is when Peach shows off her pole dancing abilities for her romantic interest, a magical sequence emphasising the glitter and gauze by shooting for the rare female gaze.



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5. She’s open about her struggles with addiction, mental health and neurodivergency

Much of Peach’s online following comes from her honesty about dealing with alcohol abuse, and her experiences with ADHD and mental illness. These brutal truths are part of the reason she’s become such a loveable social media personality, and why tracks covering these topics like the anthemic ‘Symptomatic’ are so hard-hitting. Underneath the pop star polish, Peach is fearless about her imperfections, struggling with the same human troubles we all need guidance with.



@peachprcI FINALLY MADE IT PAST DAY 4♬ Christmas Kinda Sucks – Peach PRC


6. She’s a Bonnie McKee disciple

Peach’s 2022 single ‘Forever Drunk’ was written with pop music legend Bonnie McKee, who’s the creative behind iconic tracks by Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and more. Bonnie has shared her love for Peach in collaborative videos diving into the making of the song. Even better, it’s clear Peach can pull her weight against the industry’s best. Behind-the-scenes clips reveal she’s the one to put her foot down for the now infamous “dancing over silver cans, pretending they’re adoring fans” lyric, which transformed her fan base’s name from the “peach pit” to the “silver cans”.




7. She’s her own artistic director

Peach’s fairytale visuals are so specific, she’s learnt to bring her dreams to life almost entirely alone. When fans asked how the ethereal Manic Dream Pixie EP cover artwork came to be, Peach revealed that aside from the photography, she executed every element herself. Her skills in Photoshop have shone even from her earliest releases, like the nostalgic VHS approach of ‘Heavy’, or the quirky clip art edits which kickstarted her Instagram.



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8. She’s a 2000s kid

Peach’s musical influences perfectly summarise growing up in the era of Y2K. Each time she releases a single, it’s paired with a homemade Spotify playlist sharing her inspirations. These are frequently filled with girl groups like The Pussycat Dolls, 2000s pop icons including Jojo and Lindsay Lohan, and beloved emo acts like Taking Back Sunday. Her shimmery take on Wheatus’s hit ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ is her ultimate throwback to the decade.



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9. She documented coming out online

In 2022, Peach came out as a lesbian, speaking extensively on social media about her identity journey. Her laughably relatable queer experiences balance out the more emotional moments of her story, creating a community where sapphic women can relate and share their own adventures. Her first online hit ‘Blondes’ takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to the narrative of a lesbian stealing away a man’s girlfriend.



@peachprcthe people on my private account already know this but pls be nice 💖 any negative comments will be deleted♬ God Is A Freak – Peach PRC


10. She’s not afraid to name names

Peach’s breakthrough single ‘Josh’ opens with her giggling, “He’s gonna kill me… I said I’d change it to John!”, acknowledging that in spite of how it makes her song subjects feel, Peach stays direct. This builds a complex world of characters in her music. The names of friends like Blaire, Jenna and Harley litter the lyrics of ‘Perfect For You’, whilst ‘Josh’ has apparently caused some trouble for her titular ex. It’s a tactic which surely encourages those who know Peach to treat her well, lest they face her musical wrath!



Peach PRC’s debut EP Manic Dream Pixie is OUT NOW!