When we all fall asleep, we delve into Billie’s magnificent world of horror. Or at least we did on Wednesday night (24 April). Taking us on a 2 hour-long journey that at times became both a hypnosis and a nightmare, Billie Eilish proved that her sold-out show at Spark Arena was definitely one for the history books.


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An emotional Billie was overwhelmed with the love throughout the show, speaking to the crowd multiple times to express her gratitude and tear up. “This is f***ing crazy,” she exclaimed at one point. “No, for real, I’m standing here trying to think if this is a dream or not because my dreams be tripping sometimes and this seems like one of my dreams. But there ain’t no way this is real. I’m not even gonna get into it because I’m gonna break down…”

Among disturbing visuals of spiders, decapitated hands, ghoulish characters and forest silhouettes, Billie worked the crowd to absolute hysteria. She moved around in her statement oversized style of black and white shorts with a long sleeve and blended into the array of stage lights that changed from blood red to ocean blue and her signature lime green.

Crowd favourites such as bad guy, you should see me in a crown, idontwannabeyouanymore and lovely all started the show with a bang, with fans not missing a single word. And if anything proved that we were under Billie’s spell more it was when she ordered us all to “crouch down low” during the bridge of COPYCAT before jumping back up to dance along to the chorus.

But the most emotional part of the night was when we were delivered the exclusive first live performance of i love you, a stunning acoustic set that was performed with Billie’s brother, opening act and most importantly best friend Finneas. The arena lit up like a sprinkled night sky and every single soul became connected in a moment that we’re all sure to cherish.

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Steering the show towards the end, an intimate when the party’s over was performed after Billie stated how she played it for the first time at the Tuning Fork just over a year ago. “That’s literally right next door – that’s like a 200-capped venue,” she said in utter disbelief. “And now I’m about to do it for 10,000 of you.” She then asked that if we were to film, can we please not look at the screen but hold our phones the side.

“We’ve been given the chance to be here and enjoy this moment, so let’s just enjoy this moment.” 

And that we certainly did.


Auckland Show Setlist

bad guy
my strange addiction
you should see me in a crown
watch / &burn
wish you were gay
all the good girls
I love you
ocean eyes
when the party’s over
bury a friend
goodbye (Outro)